Sutatva’s Handmade Ayurvedic Products to Treat Acne


A lot of man and women today are facing skin-related issues and running from pillar to post to find a viable solution to get rid of them. Of the many skin issues, Acne is common among all age group women. 

The primary cause of Acne is stress, water change, pollution, sleep disorder, use of cosmetics, etc. Acnes can be highly stubborn and distressing. It may end up leaving pimples on our skin and sometimes scars. It is essential to make good smart choices when the skin is concerned.

However, people run to the dermatologist and take a heavy dose of medicines to have an immediate remedy. This sometimes leads to side-effects or may not always remove the issue from the root and hence to avoid persistent Acne and skin damages Sutatva brings you Handmade Ayurvedic Products to Treat Acne.

Unique Feature of Sutatva Acne Products

The team at Sutatva wants to let people know that Acne can be treated by using Ayurvedic Products. Their aim to make people aware of the benefit of using natural and handmade products and get rid of all skin related issues naturally and eliminate its root cause.  

Ayurveda provides us with holistic and natural ways to fight various skin problems. The age-old methodologies of Ayurveda go beyond conventional approaches to find the answer to skin disorders and treat it holistically from its very roots. 

Ayurvedic Products to Treat Acne at Sutatva

Sutatva caters to all its customer’s such products that have the right combinations of various Ayurvedic ingredients such as aloe Vera, Amla, Tea Tree Oil, Rosemary, and many more. Additionally, these products contain Natural Herbs that are cultivated using organic methods. Few of the many products available at Sutatva to treat acne are:

  1. Rose and Curcumin Face Wash

Use the natural and organic face wash to purify and cleanse your skin and keep it glowing all day long. Its anti-inflammatory qualities will target the pores and will cam the skin. Turmeric helps to reduce scarring and bring a natural glow.

  1. Neem Tulsi Face Pack

Tulsi and neem act as a detox agent and purifies the skin. Their anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties are incredibly beneficial for your skin. The pack is free from all preservative and chemicals and have a long-lasting impact on the skin.

  1. Detox Scrub

It detoxifies the face from harmful toxins that the face absorbs from the environment around the people. It is prepared with ayurvedic formula and has an antiseptic and anti-fungal effect. For those using the scrub, it will help to exfoliate the dead cells in the skin and also regain skin health.

  1. Golden Glow Facial Serum

It is made up of small molecules that can penetrate deeply into the skin. Hence, it delivers a very high concentration of active ingredients. Sutatva Serum is High in Vitamin C, which helps to treat Acne and is very useful to increase collagen production, enhance skin’s repair process, and reduce inflammation.

Sutatva provides customized products using one or a combination of natural and ayurvedic products. Depending on the Skin Conditions, the team at Sutatva gives a custom treatment plan with regular follow-ups and will be with its customers until they get 100% satisfaction and relief from Acne.

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