Vidyut Jammwal opens up about the controversy around Commando 3

Commando 3

Vidyut Jammwal’s third Commando movie released a 5-minute video on YouTube to introduce the actor as a knight and shining armor for the ones in need. Vipul Amrutlal Shah said that it’s a bold step and a big gamble. The team of Commando believed that by releasing an introductory video, people would be compelled to see the film. Still, instead, the introductory video had landed the moviemakers and actors in a controversy.

The opening scene shows that wrestlers who have their practice ground just opposite the school molest two young school-going girls who are on their way to school. One specifically wrestler comes up to the girl and tugs her skirt and pulls it up while the entire town watches this heinous act as dull spectators. The girl cries and no one comes out in her help. But suddenly then, Vidyut Jammwal enters and hits the wrestler with a gada.

Famous Indian wrestler Sushil Kumar along with the netizens objectified the particular scene, where the group of wrestlers is molesting a schoolgirl. Popular wrestlers including Bajrang Punia and Yogeshwar Dutt had also objectified on the same introduction scene. They have slammed the filmmakers for showing wrestlers in a bad light and had demanded to remove the scene.

They have explained that wrestlers are decent and disciplined and showing them in a bad light is not the best way to portray a sportsperson. The wrestlers also demanded that the filmmaker must make apologies for portraying wrestlers in a bad light.

Yogeshwar Dutt took his twitter account to show his displeasure in the scene that shows his profession in the wrong light. He tweeted, ‘Dear Aditya Datt Ji, I saw the trailer for your movie, you’re a director, so I am not able to tell you about how to direct, but it’s not all about box office pickup, spicy tarka and the right to denigrate whoever you are not given.’
In his next tweet, the wrestlers asked the filmmaker to stop denigrating or misinterpreting the athletes; He mentioned that we are working hard to be able to win a medal for our country. He further added that we are purely against the crimes committed against women of all kinds, eve-teasing, etc. But the false statement of anything is not the solution.

Just like the wrestlers, the people who watched the opening scene of the movie on youtube called out on the filmmaker and the actor for such a “sleazy” presentation of an alarming issue of child sexual abuse. Some called out on the movie taking inspiration and going below than the scenes shown in the ’80s and 90’s movies.

The concept of Child Sexual Abuse is a concept that was the main idea of the filmmaker to show onscreen but the way he decided to show it was a very wrong move. The wrestlers are decent and disciplined, and it seems like the filmmaker failed to do intensive research on the concept.

Vidyut was interacting with the media along with his co-star Gulshan Devaiah when they were asked about the particular controversial scene. Vidyut explained that he doesn’t understand why a journalist would ask someone if Pakistan attacking India is right or wrong? Vidyut added that when things like attacks happen in a country, people die, and it’s foolish to ask how someone feels about it. The actor says that this kind of question is ridiculous and he feels awful when these are requested. The third installment of the Commando movie surrounds the plot of terrorism.

The actor sounded a little furious and added that the makers of the movie did not have any intentions to hurt people’s or wrestler’s sentiments with the “introductory scene”. He further added to his statement that, “I am associated with an Indian martial art named Kalaripayattu, and I can say with pride that I am connected with this country as much as anyone else. My father, grandfather, paternal and maternal uncle have served in the Indian Army. My maternal uncle died in the 1971 war, so to ask me such a question is not a correct thing. I respect every single athlete of India is it wrestlers, body-builders, boxers or others. The actor apologized and stated that he wants to tell the wrestlers that if knowingly or unknowingly, we have hurt your sentiments, then I would like to apologize for that. From now, I will ensure we don’t hurt anyone’s sentiments,”.

The makers of the movie Commando 3 haven’t commented on the controversial scene yet.

Commando 3 stars Vidyut Jammwal, Adah Sharma, Gulshan Devai and Angira Dhar in the lead roles. The movie directed by Aditya Dutt released on 29th November 2019. The movie is the third installment of the Commando franchise and produced by Vipul Amrutlal Shah.

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