YuTu Electronics: Smart IOT lock for Logistics Transportation Security

Yutu Electronics Smart Locks

Logistic Industry is facing several security issues every day, which includes theft and pilferage during transit of goods. These acts disturb the supply chain and affect the economy. Theft is a criminal act where the person breaks the lock and takes away the good, and pilferage is stealing a part of the whole. Pilferage of goods generally goes unnoticed, and the company are bound to bear the loss.

Loss during transit usually goes unnoticed. With the rise in e-commerce, FMCG’s, manufacturer and retailer’s dependence on the logistic sector, the need arose to have a new technology that can track and monitor the goods during transit.

Only tracking the vehicle during transit cannot solve the issue of theft and pilferage; hence YuTu Electronics came up with their solution to monitor the lock operations also so that the authorized party can remotely track the goods as well as lock operations and ensure that the goods are opened at the authorized location by authorized person only.

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Smart IOT Lock for High Valued Goods

Issue of Theft and pilferage occurs because the authorized parties only had access to track the vehicle during transit and had no information about who, when and where opened the lock.

YuTu Electronics provides a viable solution to the problem of loss during transit and helps the companies to save huge money. Their Smart Lock solution monitors the goods during movement and secures the High Valued Goods by providing:

Smart lock infograph yutu
Key-based locks are vulnerable.
  • Enhanced Security
  • Real-time tracking the goods
  • Monitoring as to where the goods were opened or assure that the goods are opened at the authorized place by the authorized party.
  • Accountability
  • Remote operations
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YuTu Electronics has a team of experienced individuals who have vast knowledge in the area of IoT (Internet of Things), security and encryption solution that gives a sense of relief to all its customers.  Components of the solution offered are:

  1. Mobile Application: Mobile application for driver and supervisor for easy access and control. Supervisor can have real-time status of the goods and complete access.
  2. Web application: Gives remote access of the solution to the party and ensure safety.
  3. YuKee: It has a built-in GPS, GPRS, various sensors, memory, Bluetooth and high capacity rechargeable battery. YuKee provides a high level of security to the goods and intuitive interface.
  4. YuVision: It manages the YuKee and gives the business a real-time report of the goods. From monitoring to informing about any tampering of the goods, it provides a detailed report of the goods during transit.
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YuTu Electronics remote smart lock solution can also be extended to the following:

  • Logistics Road Transportation
  • Banks & Financial Institutions
  • Oil & Gas Transportation
  • Real Estate Rental
  • Unmanned Stations
  • Remote Warehouses
  • Homes & Companies
  • Retail (FMCG)
  • Construction Sites
  • Cellular Tower Stations

Smart Locks of YuTu Electronics provides live monitoring of the trip, starting from the source to the destination(s).  Lock can be opened only at the designated destination through a unique digital key after several authorizations by the authorized person either remotely or in-person.

For more details, visit: http://www.yutuelectronics.com/ or send email on [email protected]


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