Another side of BJP’s dirty politics, alluring people in a cheap manner to garner massive support on twitter in exchange of support for CAA    


Even after the amended Citizenship Amendment Act got its approval in both the houses and got consent from the president too, it was not accepted completely by the citizens of India. The mixed reactions globally too heated the discussion.

To oppose this, various states in India faced violating acts. While the attacks were spearheaded by the northeastern parts and in the other parts, Muslims took the lead.

People, including the campus students, came on streets, protesting, creating violence, arson the buses, tyres, and cars, throwing stones on police, and blocking the roads.

The dismal situation didn’t distract Prime minister Modi from his track, and he made it clear that it won’t ‘budge an inch’ amid protests across the country against CAB.

The BJP has gone quite deep to get support for the amendment act. The prime minister himself gave a speech extensively about the Citizenship Amendment Act, the National Register of Citizens, and the ongoing protests against CAA-NRC on December 22 in Ramlila Maidan in Delhi. Even the self, styled Guru Jaggi Vasudev, was asked to speak about it and ask to dismiss the protests.

Furthermore, BJP on Thursday launched a toll-free number to get support for CAA from the people. As said by BJP General Secretary Anil Jain had on Thursday that via the toll-free number people will get a chance to register their support for the amended citizenship law, which seeks to grant citizenship to minorities from three neighboring countries who arrived in India by December 31, 2014, due to religious persecution.

This number has been uploaded on Twitter by top leaders of BJP, including Amit Shah and BJP MP Shobha Karandlaje. The Karnataka BJP Twitter handle also shared this number.

BJP’s dirty politics to garner mass support for CAA

After the number got shared on twitter by BJP’s top politicians, it was time for BJP to show its color.

There were a large number of tweets mentioning the BJP’s toll-free number asking people to call or give a missed call. And to everybody’s surprise, these calls were not to support CAA but claiming to give you everything from date, sex, friendship to a free Netflix subscription for 6 months if you call the number or offers to get 1000 GB data-free and much more.

One user went a little overboard and claimed to give a subscription of Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hotstar free for 4 years on giving missed calls to the mentioned number.

To this Netflix replied, saying the tweet to be fake and said you want free Netflix, please use someone else’s account like the rest of us. Others are asking people to call them on the number urgently. The tweets offering sex, dates, and friendships had profile pictures of females.

All these tweets were pointed out by a Twitter user @samjawed65 who took screenshots of all the people claiming to be lonely and asking people to call this BJP number.

Although some tweeter handlers are genuinely using the number for support of CAA whereas many tweeter handlers are misusing the same.

Bottom Line

Whether it is protest, stone pelting, arson of buses, police, or the people getting hurt, nothing is going to change BJP’s mind over CAB and NRC. BJP can go to any extent to convince the citizen of India that whatever they do is good for the country. If this didn’t work, people of India should get ready to see a new level of vulgar politics.

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