Babymoon: 4 Reasons Why To Take One!


Some of you must be bewildered at the thought of having a vacation when pregnant. Well! It can actually do wonders for your pregnancy and give your relation a bonding time. Babymoon is an exciting way to re-live those honeymoon moments before you take the next step of your life together, i.e. bringing up a baby! Expectant mothers and partners do everything before the baby birth, from shopping for the perfect cradle to softest baby wipes, from going for weekly check-ups to keeping an eye on the diet. However, all these preparation and cautionary drills lead to mental and psychological burnout.

Therefore, babymoon has picked up by couples these days as they gave them a necessary break from all the baby hullabaloo.

Here’s why you should take a babymoon-

1. Because right now, you can!

Children brings a lot of responsibilities along with happiness. While, the idea of vacationing with your partner seems a bit off to you right now, in reality this is “your time”. The life is going to change a lot once the baby is there and you won’t be able to plan trips as you like. Go free birds, go!

2. Pause and unplug!

That feeling of getting away from daily chores and relaxing somewhere by the beach. This will let you and your partner unplug from life and recharge you for the next league, the third trimester. Parenting is tough, it’s wonderful, no doubt, but it is exhausting. The pre-baby vacay will rejuvenate you from within, and you will be Baby- Ready!

3. Quality Time with Beau

The moment you bring life into this world, your centre of focus will shift in nurturing the baby. The babymoon is the date that you both go on before the baby arrives. The two people who created a life should spend some time before the D-day, as it will bring them together as a team. Sex life will not be the same, especially three months postpartum. Hence, the term “moon”! You are not just taking a holiday because it’s all about baby, but to re-experience all the passion, romance and love to carry on as a couple.

4. Time to Reflect

Be honest, are you going to get any time while juggling boxes of diapers to decide the kind of upbringing you are going to take up? Ah- no! There are all these questions that needed to be pondered upon besides the basic things. The babymoon is the time where you can discuss the concerns of parenthood with your partner.

A great point of taking a break is around the second trimester, as it is considered safe if you are planning to travel abroad. However, consulting with your doctor before flying out is necessary. If by any means, you have missed out on your window and stepped in the third trimester, you could go for a local spa or relaxed hotel stay for a week. There are other activities that couples can go for besides baby mooning like prenatal massage, going to movies, couple pregnancy yoga sessions etc.

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