Xiaomi Created 50,000 jobs in India


Xiaomi on Wednesday stated that it has created employment for over 50,000 people in India. This has been developed over the last five years since 2014 – and incorporating partners from production, after-sales, offline sales, logistics, and corporate workers.

Not a day passes without Xiaomi giving new “milestones” here in India, so it seems. Xiaomi, a firm that has made rapid invasions in India’s smartphone business, and finally the smart TV and IoT market, on Wednesday, declared that it had generated jobs for over 50,000 people in the nation in five years. Xiaomi initiated its India debut in 2014 as an online-only brand with only four team members including the company’s India leader, Manu Kumar Jain. Not just that, Xiaomi sprang its India journey from a tiny room in Bengaluru.

Five years away, Xiaomi can claim of 50,000+ team members across offices, production plants, service stations, and Mi stores. Talk about, developing a long way – in Xiaomi’s case, it has arrived a long way rather fast at that. A lot of this has to fulfill with the company’s focus – “to produce high-quality products and allow them at prices that enabled us to bring our addition to everyone.”

Xiaomi`s SMT plant will be operated by Taiwan`s Foxconn, the world`s greatest contract electronics company, and a key Apple supplier. However, Xiaomi`s potential to get suppliers to India could spark work loss concerns in neighboring China that is currently among the best electronics companies in the world.

“India`s cheap labor gives more competitiveness to companies, demand is vast and in India opportunity is also immense because the business is much less saturated related to China,” stated Jaipal Singh, a senior market interpreter for client machines at tech research firm International Data Corporation.

Xiaomi’s production partners provide over 30,000 operators of which more than 95 percent are ladies, followed by approved service center engineers, repair company engineers, and customer care officials.

The third biggest contribution originates from offline store provider followed by logistics partner support who dedicatedly serve for Xiaomi. Xiaomi India operates 1000+ people across its corporate HQ in Bengaluru and over five local offices.

Having started its sessions as an online-only brand, Xiaomi is gradually and regularly ramping up its offline sales forecasts as well. Xiaomi has been aggressively strengthening its offline sales industry since 2017. The group previously adopted a three-pronged strategy for offline sales including Large Format Retailer associates, Mi Preferred Partner stores and Mi Home stores. With time, it has continued Mi Studios to that account. Not to state, it is the only firm in India selling smartphones and accessories through applied vending machines called Mi Express Kiosks.

And all these forces are producing fruit. Xiaomi declares it sold over one million devices in a single day in the offline business, on January 10, 2020 – a day that also agreed with the anniversary of the start of Xiaomi’s offline development.

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