‘Bigg Boss 13’: Paras’s mother warns him over ‘Chipta chipta’ with Mahira


“Chipta chipta nahi… 36 aayengi, 36 jayengi, teri wali teri mummy layegi (Don’t get too close… a lot many girls will come and go in your life but the one for you will be your mom’s choice),” Paras Chhabra’s mother Ruby cattily declared shortly after entering the “Bigg Boss 13 house”, in a blunt snide at her son’s growing fondness towards co-contestant Mahira Sharma.


Ruby Chhabra is among relatives who are visiting the season’s contestants as part of the ongoing ‘family week’. In a new promo clip of the show, she is seen expressing dismay over the son’s public display of affection for Mahira in recent episodes.

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Ruby is also seen telling Paras in Hindi: “What energy did you come here with? You were here (gestures to suggest a high position) and after becoming a godfather (to Mahira) you have come here (gestures to suggest his level has gone down). Don’t be a godfather. People are saying ‘since he (Paras) has joined hands with Mahira, he has gone down’. Get going with your game.”


On Thursday’s episode of the Colors channel show, Mahira’s mother Sania Sharma also expressed her concern over the closenes that these housemates have been sharing.

Sania had jokingly asked Paras if she could slap him and then warned him to stop kissing her daughter because she doesn’t like it at all.

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