Mumbai: School divides students into categories for better SSC results


Mumbai: With the return of internal assessment and the 80:20 (theory:practical) examination pattern in the Secondary School Certificate (SSC) board examinations, state-run schools have started taking various preparatory measures.

Faculty members of Sarvodaya School at Malad (west) have divided students into groups based on Best, Medium and Average according to their academic performance. However, this move has not gone down well with the student’s parents, who found it discriminatory in nature.

The students were grouped so that teachers could focus and emphasise according to the needs of the students. ” Due to these groups, teachers can identify the weak areas of specific students and help them improve,” Latha Venkat, principal of the school, said.

Parents have opposed this bifurcation claiming that it divides their children and devoids them of scoring high marks. Farzana Quereshi, a parent said,

“It is unfair to divide children of the same classroom. Some students may feel left out and the act of favouritism might deter them from performing well in examinations.”

But the school claims that the preliminary examination results have shown an improvement in the academic performance. Venkat added, “Parents should understand that it is better for their children to pass than to fail in the SSC board examinations.

We are grouping students because we want to target the key areas and not burden the weak students with unnecessary pressure. Our teachers know which student requires additional attention, so it helps students and the results of the prelims have improved.”

The SSC examinations will be conducted by the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education (MSBSHSE) from March 3 to March 23.

Krishnakumar Patil, In-charge Chairman, MSBSHSE, Mumbai division, said, “Due to internal assessments, students have a chance to score higher marks in board examinations. We will have a new systems to distribute question papers in the examination centres this year.”

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