‘Love Guru’ arrested for cashing in on agony of women Goregaon woman conned of Rs 2.61 lakh


Mumbai: Vanrai Police have arrested a 27-year-old ‘agony uncle’ from Rajasthan for allegedly duping women under the pretext of resolving their relationship conflicts. The accused, identified as Nikhil Kumar Sureshkumar Bhargav alias Nikki alias Love Guruji, is believed to have duped women from many states. He was arrested by Jaipur Police for duping a 24-year-old woman to the tune of Rs 2.61 lakh on the pretext of sorting out matters between her and her boyfriend.

According to police, Bhargav had created a few sites: www.famousloveproblemsolutions.com, http:Loveastropoonammishra.com, www.loveguruhopes.com, to help women in troubled relationships and he duped those who contacted him by conducting ‘havans’ and ‘pujas’, claiming these would improve their relationships.

A 24-year-old woman working in Goregaon had been depressed after her breakup with her boyfriend and last December, she received a link to one of Bhargav’s websites on her social media account. When she clicked on the link, she received a call within an hour, said police.

According to the woman, the caller, also a woman, told her she was calling on behalf of ‘Love Guru’ and claimed that to patch up things with her boyfriend, the Goregaon woman would have to do a puja, which would cost her Rs 10,000. Immediately, the woman transferred the money. After a few days, when the woman told another aide of the guru that there was no improvement in her situation and she wanted to get back with her boyfriend at all costs, the other woman form Bhargav’s call centre told her for this a bigger puja was required and took Rs 45,000 from her, followed by another Rs 35,000, saying that if this ‘remedy’ didn’t work, the woman could call Bhargav.

When the woman approached Bhargav, he told her that her problem was enormous and he would have to go to a dargah, for which she would have to shell out Rs 1 lakh. The woman shelled out the amount but found no change in her life. Bhargav then told her that only for her sake, he would go to the Himalayas and conduct a puja, for which he demanded Rs 80,000. So far, the woman had paid Bhargav Rs 2.61 lakh for rituals and she now sought her brother’s help.

Her brother got suspicious and registered an offence of cheating and under the Information Technology at the Vanrai police station.

During investigation, a team from Vanrai Police arrested Bhargav from Jaipur. They found that Bhargav had photographs of himself performing rituals at different temples, which he would send to his victims ‘as assurance’. He is reported to have duped women from Delhi, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Gujarat and Karnataka as well.

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