Bear Grylls: Facts you didn’t know about the adventure survivalist


New Delhi: Bear Grylls has become a household name across the globe as he dares to do what no one else has done. From climbing big mountains to exploring dense forests and surviving on what is available.

Grylls, is a popular adventure survivalist has gained a huge fan following in India after shooting with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Tamil superstar Rajinikanth. Now, he is busy shooting with Bollywood star and National Award-winner Akshay Khanna for his next episode.

Here are some unknown facts about Grylls, who teamed up with Rajinikanth for his next episode where he travelled across the wild terrain of Bandipur Tiger Reserve in Karnataka.

Grylls’ real name is Edward Michael Grylls and he has always had an affinity towards outdoor sports like mountaineering, climbing and others, according to

He is a black belt in Karate and was a part of the Territorial Army Reservist for the SAS.

The The 45-year-old adventure lover is one of the youngest climbers to conquer Mount Everest at the age of 23. He had achieved this task just months after breaking encountering a vertebrae injury from a parachuting accident.

According to the portal, Grylls is not just an adventure survivalist. He is also an author and a Chief Scout.

Grylls has authored several books which revolve around fitness and lifestyle.

Grylls, who enrolled in the Cub Scouts at an early age, went on to become the recipient of the immense honour of becoming the Chief Scout.


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