Himansh Kohli finally breaks silence on parting ways with Neha Kakkar


Almost a year after actor Himansh Kohli and singer Neha Kakkar parted ways, the former has broken his silence and put forth his side of the story.

Everyone got hints of the ex-duo’s relationship on the sets of Indian Idol, when Himansh gave Neha a surprise. However, soon there was trouble in paradise and the couple decided to split, the first hint being them unfollowing one another on social media.

On the sets of Indian Idol 10, Kakkar became emotional and broke down after Himansh’s name was mentioned, which confirmed that the two were not seeing each other anymore.

According to DNA, he said that that when they broke up in 2018 and Neha put up a post online, no one was interested in knowing the actual story, in fact, he was being looked at as the villain.

Also, he reminisced about how the singer cried on reality shows and people assumed that he was wrong, when in actuality he wanted to cry too, but was putting up a brave front.

Then, he went on to say how he felt like writing something on social media as well, but he would always wait for a few hours, contemplate and then let go of the idea. He did not want to write anything against the person whom he had once loved so much. Although Neha’s actions hurt him he never did once ask her the reason behind them.

On asking Kohli about why the two split, he said that he did not want to talk about whatever happened between them. He added that Neha was the one who wanted to separate and then the two decided to part ways mutually. However, things took an ugly turn for him when he had to face backlash from people whenever Neha posted anything about their relationship on social media.

Some of Neha Kakkar’s latest Songs include Makhna (Drive), The Hook Up Song (SOTY 2), O Saki Saki (Batla House), and Garmi (Street Dancer 3).

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