Mumbai Crime Watch: Alert cop foils suspected theft bid in Bhayandar; one held


Alert cops foil theft bid, one held

Timely intervention by plainclothes police personnel helped foil a suspected robbery attempt in Bhayandar during the wee hours on Friday.

To curb house break-in’s and other crimes, the Thane (rural) police has started conducting vigilance checks in plainclothes and intensified night patrolling in the twin-city. During one such check, police personnel Ganesh Bhoi, saw a man roaming in suspicious circumstances in the Narayan Nagar area of Bhayandar (west).

On spotting Bhoi approaching him, the man started running away.

However, the cop managed to apprehend him after a hot chase. Upon, questioning, the man who identified himself as- Abdul Rehman Khan (28) not only failed to justify his presence in the area during such odd hours, but also gave evasive replies to questions posed to him about his residence and workplace.

Indicating his intention of committing theft, the accused was found to be in possession of a screwdriver- which is normally used to break open latches of padlocks. Investigations revealed his involvement in a series of thefts in the region and a couple of cases under the prohibition act. A case under section 401 of the IPC has been registered at the Bhayandar police station.

Further investigations are underway.

Matka den busted in Bhayandar

The Anti-Human Trafficking Unit (AHTU) of the Thane (rural) police raided a matka (gambling) den running from a makeshift tenement in Rai village near Bhayandar on Thursday.

The raiding team rounded up one person. However the operator, managed to evade the police dragnet. The duo were found to be placing bets on numbers in a manner similar to the Mumbai-Kalyan matka racket, police said.

Gambling material and cash was seized from the spot. An ingenious system of gambling Matka, is a game in which people especially from the lower economic strata of the society including poor daily wage workers bet a stake on random numbers.

A case under sections 4 and 5 of the Bombay Prevention of Gambling Act has been registered against the duo at the Bhayandar police station.

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