Coronavirus in India: Quarantined patients to get collection of PM Modi’s speeches


Quarantined in India with no reading material or things to watch and listen to? Not to worry, the Government has you covered!

According to a Business Standard report, those who have been kept under observation in government facilities will soon get some new reading material. This includes a collection of speeches by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

However, this is not unusual. The publication quoted a source aware of the news to add that copies of Modi’s speeches were regularly distributed to foreign dignitaries as well as educational institutions.

Now, the material may soon be sent to all quarantine centres in India.

India has so far recorded 147 positive cases of the novel coronavirus. Three people who had earlier tested positive for the virus have passed away.

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Recently, several state governments have enforced the closure of malls, theatres, gyms and other public spaces in a bid to curb the spread of the virus. People across the country have been advised to stay indoors and the practice of social distancing is being encouraged. Many companies have opted to work from home wherever possible.

With the number of cases rising daily, many others have found themselves placed under home quarantine.

But while many seem to consider quarantine a necessary evil of sorts, not everyone appears to be in agreement. There have been several cases where people have attempted to flee quarantine centres, potentially endangering the lives of all they came in contact with.

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Take the 11 coronavirus suspects who allegedly ran away from a hospital in Maharshtra’s Panvel.

There have also been several complains from both Indian citizens as well as those from outside the country who have decried the ‘unhygienic’ facilities available at some quarantine centres. Some of these claims have since been debunked by government officials.

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