Easter 2020: Easy recipes for chocolate, marzipan and jello Easter Eggs to try at home


Easter 2020 is being celebrated on April 12 this year. The festival marks the resurrection of Jesus Christ and is one of the most important festivals in the Christian calendar. After observing the 40-days-long Lent and abstaining from meat and alcohol, Christians celebrate Easter by indulging in a lavish brunch and a few other treats. Easter eggs, bunnies and candies are traditions that are widely followed around the world. Eggs symbolize the tomb from which Jesus Christ was resurrected on Easter. Easter eggs are often decorated and painted with bright colours.

Amid the coronavirus lockdown, when you can’t step out to shop for the fancy Easter eggs, here are some easy recipes for Marzipan, chocolate and jello eggs with minimum ingredients that are a must try:

1. Chocolate and Mango Easter Egg

2. Marzipan Easter Eggs

3. Milk Chocolate Easter Eggs without a mold

If you want to ditch the sweet chocolate eggs, add these delicious and super cute Easter Chicked Deviled Eggs to your brunch menu.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Egg

Jello Easter Eggs

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