Keep your worries aside, be grateful for what you have amid the coronavirus lockdown

TOPSHOT - Passengers walk while wearing protective masks, as a preventive measure regarding the COVID-19 virus, at Jorge Chavez International Airport, in Lima on February 27, 2020. - So far, Peru has no record of the COVID-19 virus cases. (Photo by Ernesto BENAVIDES / AFP) (Photo by ERNESTO BENAVIDES/AFP via Getty Images)

In difficult times such as these, while we work hard to sharpen our saw and stay in the race of excellence – one aspect of our life that recedes into the background is our mental health and happiness. Let’s admit it, there’s so much uncertainty and stress around us right now that only if we are robot’s we won’t feel anxious and jittery.

Even in my case I have questions, I feel about my loved ones’, I feel about the business, I feel about what life will be like tomorrow if this doesn’t end, and so on. In moments such as these, I feel we should take a pause and a deep breath and acknowledge it.

There’s little we can do to change the reality of the Covid19 spread, as it’s something which is uncontrollable. In such times, it is important to always keep in mind two circles circle of concern and circle of influence, which means, what you cannot control, you shouldn’t be worried about it instead take best possible precautions to stay safe and constantly remain grateful of what we have, using positive reaffirmations. There is a beautiful quote on gratitude by renowned author Ms. Melody Beatie: “Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow”.

However, if you are still feeling stressed: whether be it about your job or family, parents, finances or something even as regular as being unable to stock up essentials at home, do not hesitate to reach out to those whom you know and openly share your fears, you might be surprised there might be someone who is there waiting to help you.

Remember, being scared, nervous or feeling unsure is always the first step towards feeling confident and in control. So, it’s okay to ask for help if needed. Just imagine while you are swimming in the ocean for some reason if you lose control and you see a lifeguard standing at the shore who is not known to you, I am sure you would scream as loud as possible requesting for help, I am also sure that person will come to rescue you. What I strongly encourage everyone I know to do is remember the importance of being proactive in reaching out to others in the time of need. 

One thing that I do every day is, when I wake up I have a big smile and I say positive words many times thanking the universe and everyone for the blessed life we have been given. We are fortunate to have what we have. Let’s not get into more desires now and kill ourselves by worrying too much. 

Tampa-based psychologist Cristina Barcelo agrees.

“Music is scientifically proven to have a special effect on the brain, the body and even the emotional aspects of the human being”.

I would highly recommend you watch this particular Music video of a song titled “Happy”, by Pharrell Williams. It’s an amazing song which encourages one to be happy at all times. It doesn’t matter whether you’re working right now or not, just take some time out and dance for few minutes on this song, I am sure you feel better. Stay upbeat as this phase is temporary and will pass soon.

Disclaimer:- Views expressed are Personal

The writer currently works as President India & South Asia for Schindler. Mr. Ramachandran started his career with Schindler in Australia in the Quality department. Mr. Ramachandran is known as the turnaround expert and was appointed as Managing Director of Schindler Vietnam in 2012. After a successful stint there he was assigned the role of Managing Director of Schindler Malaysia in 2016 and was then was appointed as the CEO of Schindler India in 2018 and from 1st July 2019, he has been appointed as President of Schindler Indian and South Asia. In 2019, Mr. Ramachandran had the honour of being listed as a Young Business leader in Economic Times’ 40 under 40. Recently Mr. Ranveer Allahbadia hosted Mr. Ramachandran on the famous show known as The Ranveer Show.

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