Guiding Light: How to manage your stress, anxiety during this Lockdown?


COVID-19 has caused the world to come to a standstill, and the government is doing all that it can to contain the pandemic. We need to offer our sincere cooperation at a time like this to make the lockdown a success. It is natural to feel disturbed, disconnected and anxious at this time. However, it is important to keep in mind that a sense of discipline to keep away depression, and anxiety.

Motivate yourself to wake up early and at a regular time daily. Even 20 minutes of Surya Namaskar, pranayama or meditation practise on a regular basis can decrease cortisol levels which cause stress.

Practice Surya Namaskar, yoga asanas, with your family to increase togetherness, and build a close emotional bonding with them. By cultivating a regular practice, Yoga can keep you active, and feeling optimistic.

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You can combine this with basic asanas, simple meditation techniques and make sure you also follow a nutritious diet As a healthy emotional outlet, consider journaling if it feels cathartic. Focus on building your personal goals and stay true to your purpose.

This focus will, in turn, keep you grounded, rooted to sanity while building inner strength, and positivity. Use this precious time to explore your talents. Do not remain idle as it allows the mind to fester and sink into a habit of negative thinking.

We have been given ample time to plunge into new learning activities. Maybe you could set a target of learning a new language, prepare for an online certification program or reach out to those who may need your expertise/ skill set or help. Discover the power of solitude, and how it can bring out the best in you. Try your hand at composing music, write poetry, dance sequence, or sing.

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As long as you keep yourself occupied, and invest in your own growth, self-development, you will be OK. Share your knowledge on any online platform that can benefit others too. Pause to rest, reflect and introspect. In this way, also make time for some silence, and learn to enjoy having a good time by yourself.


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