The Real Influencer Marketing Through Riya Hassani


In our previous articles we have highlighted the marketing issues various companies are facing during the lock down. We also focused on influencer marketing which states how companies can tap various influencers and ask them for marketing their brand and it will result in a win-win situation for the influencer as well as the brand.

There is one very important aspect which needs to be studied when a brand indulges itself in influencer marketing. The niche of the influencer must be same as the niche of the brand and most importantly that the influencer must be honest and real in the work they do. Inventiva has done a research on all the influencers and has found one of the best influencers for food and for lifestyle, Riya Hassani!

Riya Hassani (theflavour.tummy) is from the Diamond City Surat. Her love for food and fashion made her enter into this segment and start her own blog. She started blogging as a food blogger after getting a lot of love from the fans she has an Instagram and after that she started lifestyle blogging. She has received a lot of recognition from everyone and now there is no looking back for her. She is the real girl boss who knows how to do business and how to market your brand in the best way possible. Blogging comes natural to her and during times like today when nothing is going right in the world, her career is at its peak she has collaborated with over 250 brands from all around the world. The brands she has collaborated are world-class. Some of them are : Starbucks (we’re pretty sure coffee lovers know the power of Starbucks), dineout (for the foodie in you) and many more popular names. She has faced a lot of downfall in her career too but she has always come back on the top like never before. It is all about rising after the fall. The jump to success matters a lot and counts in the long run.
If you look at her Instagram feed you can see every ounce of a dedication in it. It is all about being basic yet making a statement. She has a collection of posts which one can see to refresh his or her day. Her feed will make your sad day bright and her help will make your brand grow faster than ever. Unlike others, she does not promote the concept of having the perfect body. Rather, she promotes the concept of being the best version of your own self and uplifting others along with your self growth.

She has her own story to tell about growth and about self love. The work done by her is remarkable. Inventiva fully supports her and the business she runs. Riya Hassani for the win!

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