7 died by suicide in two days in Rajasthan: BJP state president’s tweet – while blaming others, the government would take care of its people in the enclosure, give up magic and stop death

  • Three people of a family died after consuming poison in Ribia of Churu district on Tuesday night;

In Rajasthan, a case of suicide by different family members came up in two districts last Monday and Tuesday.  4 people from a family of Karauli district were found dead. 3 people from a  family, in Churu district, died by poisoning. On this BJP state president Satish Poonia targeted the Gehlot government. On Tuesday night, he tweeted and wrote that “oops …. the sting of 11 deaths in Dechu (Jodhpur) was not yet erased, yesterday Mahendra Mahawar and family in Kunjela (Karauli) and then Shisharam and his wife in Ribia (Churu) have died. Death is giving deep wounds and raising question marks, give up magic, leave conceit, wizard, stop all this in connection with death”.

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Poonia further wrote that, “what happened is your promise… You Ashok Gehlot ji had said that no one will sleep hungry, but they all fell asleep deeply. The government would have taken care of its people in the enclosure  blaming others. Admittedly it was necessary to save the chair, but what about  these innocent lives?”

Bodies of 11 people found in Jodhpur

It is worth mentioning that the body of 11 people of the same family was found on 9 August in Dechu in Jodhpur district. After which two more cases of suicide by the family were reported. Among them, 4 members of a family were found dead at Kunjela in Karauli district late Monday. At the same time, three people of a family died after consuming poison in Ribia of Churu district on Tuesday night. Also, one is in critical condition.

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The Rajasthan Government has come under a lot fire lately. The most recent reason for the same was the lack of preparedness on their part for the heavy rainfall and landslides in Jaipur. The congress party clash that took place between Ashok Gehlot and Sachin Pilot had left the citizens questioning how responsible the government is. All this, combined with Coronavirus, has left the citizens very confused and overwhelmed.


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