Pakistani confession: Pakistan admitted for the first time – Dawood Ibrahim has 14 passports and 3 houses in Karachi; 88 terrorists banned to avoid slander in the world;


Dawood had fled India in the 1993 serial blasts in Mumbai. Since then, reports of his being in different cities of Pakistan kept coming out.

  • Pakistan is included in the grey list of the Financial Action Task Force.
  • This task force monitors money laundering and terror financing worldwide.
  • If Pakistan remains in the grey list of this task force, it will have trouble getting financial help from all over the world.

Pakistan has finally confessed to Dawood’s presence in country after a 27-year-old dagger on Dawood Ibrahim. Pakistan on Saturday released a list of 88 terrorists. It also named Dawood Ibrahim, the mastermind of the 1993 Mumbai serial blast, and the most wanted terrorist. The great thing is that Dawood’s name is also mentioned in the list that also mentions that he holds 14 passports and has three houses in Karachi.

Dawood fled to Pakistan after the 1993 Mumbai blasts. 257 people lost their lives in these blasts and more than 1400 people were injured. After this there were reports of Dawood being in different cities of Pakistan, but Pakistan never confessed openly about his presence.

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These 14 passports of Dawood are mentioned in Pakistan’s document

  • Passport K560098 issued from Bombay on 30 July 1975
  • Passport M110522 issued from Bombay on 13 November 1978
  • Passport P537849 issued from Bombay on 30 July 1979
  • Passport R841697 issued from Bombay on 26 November 1981
  • Passport V57865 issued from Bombay on 3 October 1983
  • Passport A-333602 issued from Bombay on 4 June 1985
  • Passport A501801 issued from Bombay on 26 July 1985
  • Passport A717288 issued from Dubai on 18 August 1985
  • Passport F823692 issued from the Indian Embassy in Jeddah on 2 September 1989
  • Pakistani passport G866537 issued from Rawalpindi on 12 August 1991
  • Pakistani Passport C-267185 issued from Karachi on July 1996
  • Pakistani passport H-123259 issued from Rawalpindi in July 2001
  • Pakistani passport G-869537 issued from Rawalpindi
  • Another passport KC-285901

Pakistan’s document mentions three addresses of Dawood

  • White House, Near Saudi Mosque, Karachi.
  • House No. 37, 30th Street – Defense Housing Authority, Karachi.
  • Palatial Bungalow, Noorabad Hill Area, Karachi.

Why did Pakistan admit to Dawood’s presence all of a sudden?
1. Meeting in October

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The question arises that after 27 years what has happened that Pakistan has revealed so many details of Dawood to the world. This is due to a meeting of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) in October. This task force monitors the worldwide money laundering and terror financing network. Countries around the world accept the recommendation of this task force.

  1. The grey list
    Pakistan is in the grey list of this task force since 2018 due to its poor record in dealing with terrorists. Being in the grey list of FATF means trouble in getting financial help from all over the world. Pakistan hopes that by disclosing the names of the terrorists, if it takes steps against them, it can come out of the grey list. The task force gave a 27-point demand letter to Pakistan. All these conditions are to be met by September. If Pakistan does not agree to the conditions, it could be on the black list.
  2. Pakistan’s economic condition
    Pakistan’s economic condition is extremely unstable. Saudi Arabia has categorically refused to give the country loans and oil. Not only this, the Saudi government has clearly told Pakistan that it will have to repay the debt of $ 6.2 billion by the end of this year.
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Pakistan had kept up this pretence last year as well;
This is not the first time that Pakistan has taken action against terrorists or terrorist organizations before the FATF meeting. In May last year too, they took action against 8 terrorist organizations. This time 88 terrorists have been banned. The bank accounts and properties of these terrorists have been sealed. Also, a travel ban has also been imposed on them.

Regarding this list, Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry said in a statement – “We are taking steps according to the UN Charter. We hope that other countries will do the same, supporting Pakistan’s move”. Before the ban on these terrorists, Prime Minister Imran Khan held a cabinet meeting on Friday. They discussed about the country’s economy and the FATF meeting in October.

It is still to be seen what both India and Pakistan are going to do about the whole situation with Dawood Ibrahim.



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