Sushant’s death case: CBI investigated for six and a half hours in Sushant’s flat, recreating the crime scene; Neighbour said – “On the night of June 13th, the lights of the actor’s house were off, something was wrong”;

  • CBI’s 30-member team inspected Sushant’s entire house on Saturday.
  • Cook Neeraj, home caretaker Dipesh Sawant and friend Siddharth Pithani arrived at the flat.
  • Scene recreated in Sushant’s flat with a dummy equal to his weight.

The CBI, on Saturday, investigated the case of Sushant Singh Rajput’s death for the second consecutive day. During this, Sushant’s flat was also searched, which took about six and a half hours. According to sources, the scene of death (June 14) was recreated by carrying a dummy equal to Sushant’s weight.

The investigative agency also took actor’s cook, Neeraj Singh, Deepesh Sawant and Siddharth Pithani along with them. The officers recorded the statements of the three on camera. According to sources, the team asked Siddharth and Deepesh to remove the hanging dummy in the loop exactly as they did on 14 June. However, it was not clear whether the fan could bear the weight of the dummy.

The 30-member team inspected the entire building

  • 30 members of the CBI team, along with SP Nupur Prasad, first inspected the entire building. They also included people from the forensic team. Some members of the team  climbed the roof and videographed the terrain, roof, and stairs. The team reached Sushant’s home at 2 pm and left at 8:20 pm.
  • They asked Siddharth how the loop was in Sushant’s neck. Siddharth showed the investigation team by putting a noose around the dummy’s neck.
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Neighbour claims- “On June 13, the light of Sushant’s house was switched off soon”
A woman living in Sushant’s neighbourhood revealed, ‘On 13th June, the light was turned off at 10pm. Usually the light of Sushant’s house stayed on till 4 in the morning. I find something wrong with it. ‘ It was earlier said that there was a party at Sushant’s house on the night of 13th June. He died on the second day, on 14th June.

A CBI team also visited Cooper Hospital
Another CBI team visited Cooper Hospital on Saturday. Sushant’s post mortem took place here. They recorded the statements of 5 doctors who performed the post mortem. Another team visited Bandra police station. Here they met with the Mumbai Police officials investigating the actor’s death.

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AIIMS team to investigate autopsy report
AIIMS on Friday created a medical board of 5 forensic experts to investigate Sushant’s autopsy report. The CBI sought AIIMS opinion on the matter on Friday. Dr. Sudhir Gupta, head of the forensic department of AIIMS, told that “Angle of Sushant being murdered will also be investigated. The viscera will be examined. The medicines which were being given to Sushant to overcome depression, will also be examined in AIIMS lab.

3 challenges before CBI

  1. Sushant’s death took place over 60 days ago. The evidence on the crime scene must have been completely erased. The CBI will have rely only on photographs taken of the seen.
  2. The entire record of the Mumbai Police is in Marathi language and it may take a long time to translate it from Marathi to English. These include statements of 56 witnesses.
  3. There are no eyewitness to Sushant’s death. There is only one man who saw the dead body hanging and he also removed the dead body. In such a situation, the CBI will have to struggle to understand these things, where the dead body was hanging and where his feet were.
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CBI took these things from Mumbai Police

  • Sushant’s 3 mobile phones, Sushant’s laptop.
  • The mug in which Sushant drank the juice.
  • The clothes that Sushant wore at that time and the green cloth used for the noose.
  • The CBI has also received autopsy and forensic reports.
  • Diary recovered from Sushant’s house and form house.
  • CCTV footage from 13th to 14th June has also been submitted to the CBI.
  • CDR of Rhea Chakraborty, Shovik Chakraborty and all those involved in this case.
  • A copy of the statement of 56 witnesses has also been taken by the CBI team from Mumbai Police.

This is case has become extremely complicated. Where it was once seen as a clear case of suicide, now many are considering a murder angle in it.  Only further investigation will reveal what actually took place.



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