Nutreatlife – India’s First & Only Handcrafted & Customized foods; traditional cooking, generating employment, and ensuring a healthy India.


A peek into the kitchens of Nutreatlife – one observes, understands, and admires, the methods adopted by Nutreatlife, to bring tasty, healthy, and unique culinary skills into your everyday eating.

Jyothi Pappu started Nutreatlife as she believes in simple and traditional cooking, traditional ways of processing food, using seasonal and local ingredients, her approach is both healthy and unique.

The ingredients are freshly picked, sun-dried, in different combinations, slow-roasted in earthen pots (this ensures excellent taste), some are stone grounded, the whole process ensures minimum nutrient loss.

Finally, the grounded ingredients are then mixed according to the formula, making it less processed, fresh, and healthy.


Jyothi cites an example and askes: “is eating a bowl of cereal or a toast more nutritious than idli or dosa, prepared per the local environment, years of knowledge and experience”?

Further stating – “surely it can be said that our great grandparents were healthier than us.”

Why traditional methods?

Sun-drying – This process enhances the natural shelf life of the ingredients as well as the final product.

Fresh foods are always better for holistic living and retained freshness avoids unwanted health complications.

Stone grinding – adds a lovely taste and gives a high aroma and maximum nutrients and natural taste to products.

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The Clay/Mud pot cooking – The mud pot cooking is very slow and delicate; A mud pot is very porous which allows the moisture & heat to circulate easily through them. This enhances the taste in the ingredients of Nutreat & is alkaline in nature, which interacts with the acids in the ingredients and balances the PH.

Crafted using local crops – ingredients are sourced from within the country and locally. However, the recipes are created according to the customers’ choice – “Choco Spread with Cocoa, Sesame seeds & Coconut oil.” 

The mission, getting back to roots – According to Jyothi, “tradition has provided us with lots of recipes that we can indulge locally & seasonally. Still, unfortunately, many were not passed through generations. Nutreat is on a mission to get back all those wonderful healthy traditional recipes & restore “Traditional Culinary” with all the goodness of our ancestors.”


To keep the traditional cooking sentiment alive, this Dasara Nutreat plans to release nine varieties of conventional recipes collected from all over India that will be ready to make & handcrafted.

Aligning with nature – Until now, many of us took our eating habits for granted; however, the pandemic has shown us that natural eating is essential.

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“Nutreat” took these steps 5 years back, trying to restore Indigenous techniques for healthy processing of foods, which helps in real radiant health. Nutreat craft foods according to the season without any preservative or artificial ingredients, making it friendlier for the body.

Smart Village Movement has joined hands with Nutreat, to encourage more rural women and support local farmers.

This September, Nutreat is to train rural women & produce stone grounded ingredients. They plan to release regular flours, ravas, etc. which are stone grounded & sprouted, if needed.

The benefit is not limited to customers alone, but also the rural women who will be employed and local farmers will also benefit.

Nutreat hopes that simple steps will lead to significant change.

Promoters of Sustainable Development Goals – Nutreat pledges to support the sustainable development goals by following –

  • zero pollution production procedures,
  • empowering more women especially from rural areas by handcrafting & other hand techniques,
  • responsible consumption & production,
  • Using only natural foodstuff and zero chemicals,
  • Supporting local farmers by procuring only locally grown in India, creating new job opportunities & help in the country’s economic growth.
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About Jyothi Pappu – Founder Nutreatlife, Founder Project Sanative, Photo Contributor at Shutter Stock, Getty Images, Pixabay, Yoga instructor, Traditional recipe strategist and importantly a mom of two energetic boys

Jyothi’s team – Satish Pappu– Life partner and her motivator, Nutreat was bootstrapped, and her husband, the initial investor. He is also the financial advisor for Nutreat.

Swetha N– is the brain behind many recipes in crafting Nutreat & also the Team Manager.

Dr. Sravanthy – is the Head of the Production dept.

Nutreat offers a wide variety of handcrafted foods to choose from – Baby foods, Toddler foods, foods for women, special diets, and menus for all.

It also offers customization according to customers’ requirement as Nutreat believes

“Each customer is unique, and so are their requirements – ” So, people need not buy what we make, but they can ask us for what they want & they prefer.”

Nutreat customizes recipes according to the customer, region, season, and dietary needs. – explore and order according to your preference, need, and health requirements, special menu curated for maximum health benefits in the COVID -19 times.


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