Does the Sushant Singh case have a possible Drug angle? Rhea’s lawyer denies her use of drugs;

  • The CBI has not issued summons on the sixth day to interrogate Rhea Chakraborty, but has made a list of 24 questions.
  • Sandeep Singh’s call detail report makes him suspicious in Sushant Death Mystery, as to why he called the ambulance driver four times.

The fifth investigating agency has also entered in the Sushant Singh case on Tuesday. NCB is the fifth agency to be involved in the case after the CBI, ED, Bihar Police and Mumbai Police. The Enforcement Directorate (ED) has handed over the deleted chats from Rhea’s WhatsApp to the CBI as well as the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB). Rhea Chakraborty’s alleged drugs connection is revealed in the chat provided by the ED.

5 people from Rhea’s chat who are involved in drugs

In some reports, it is being claimed that Rhea deleted the chats that were in connection with drugs, she was connected to 4 people.

  • The first character is Gaurav Arya, who is being described as a drug dealer.
  • The second character is Jaya Saha. There are some parts of the chat from Jaya, in which it is suspected that Rhea had been giving some drugs to Sushant since November last year. Rhea spoke to Jaya only after receiving the news of Sushant’s death on 14 June i.e. around 2:30 pm.
  • The third character Shruti and the fourth Miranda. It is not yet clear about these two whether it is Shruti Modi and Samuel Miranda or anyone else.
  • Sushant’s cook Neeraj was also told about Samuel, that he used to bring special kind of cigarettes. On the night of June 13, Sushant did not receive this special cigarette.
  • The 5th character is Rhea’s brother Shovik Chakraborty. 
  • According to reports, the drugs used by Rhea are commonly found in high-profile parties.

These things are mentioned in the deleted chat

  • Rhea’s deleted chat history was retrieved by the ED. It was related to a party drug that is easily found in Mumbai, especially in B Town parties and rave parties.
  • In a chat Miranda tells Rhea- “Hello Rhea, Sara Stuff is almost over”.
  • In another chat, Jaya Saha told Rhea that she has to give it (possibly to Sushant) by putting four drops in water, tea or coffee. Then it will take 40 minutes.

Lawyer claims – Rhea never took drugs

Rhea’s lawyer, Satish Manashinde, has completely rejected the drug connection. Manashinde said that Rhea has never used drugs in her life. He also said that Rhea is also ready to get her blood test done.

ED seized handsets during interrogation

In the case of money laundering, ED questioned Rhea and her family. Rhea was questioned twice by the agency. During this time, ED also seized 4 mobile handsets. Two of them belonged to Rhea. Two iPads and a laptop were also captured by the ED. All these electronic devices were sent to forensic labs for examination. It is being claimed that the drugs angle has been revealed during this investigation. The ED has now handed over all the documents and evidence to the CBI and NCB to get to the bottom of the drugs angle.

The CBI has also started the investigation of Sushant’s death. They spent hours at his house, recreating the crime scene with Sushant’s flatmate, cook, and housekeeper, who were present in the house on the morning of June 14. These three have also been questioned, so have Sushant’s manager, CA, and landowner.

Rhea and her family are yet to be questioned.


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