Tension increased between Sino-US: China said- “two spy planes of America entered our country, anything could happen”; America said – “we did not break any rules”;

  • The most special thing in this whole matter is that when the American plane entered China, at that time the Chinese army was doing military drill.
  • America’s U-2 spy plane kept recording the movements of the Chinese army from a high altitude, China got the news after their return.

Tensions between the US and China have increased once again. China alleges that two advanced U-2 spy planes (spy planes) of the US entered the border and recorded military drills. The incident occurred in northern China. However, the exact location was not known. The US did not deny China’s charge, but said – ‘we did not break any rules’.

The tension between the two countries is serious because last month, two American fighter jets were seen flying for a long distance just 75 kilometers from Shanghai.

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“No fly zone,”
China Defence Ministry spokesman, Wu Quinn, said – “two US Navy U-2 aircraft spied several hours of our military exercises in the northern region. This affected our training. The US has violated the agreement between the two countries”.

Due to the danger of military skirmish, the Chinese government media said – ‘this action of America is very dangerous. If they enter into the territory of China, it could cause a military skirmish. Later it could also increase’. The Chinese army was exercising in not one but two places there.

What America said –

The US did not deny China’s allegations. Speaking to CNN, US Airforce said – ‘We have worked within our limits. Did not break any rules. We have been conducting operations in the Indian Ocean before. Will keep doing it even further’. Military expert Carl Chester said – ‘I doubt the Chinese claim. US aircraft do not need to enter China. They are so high tech that they can get information about everything from miles away’.

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Why China is Scared –
U-2 Spy Aircraft First Appeared in 1950. That is, they are about 70 years old. These were upgraded several times. The US also has many better spar aircraft than these. U-2 can keep an eye on the smallest movement happening on the ground from 70 thousand feet above. Can take photographs and make HD videos. The special thing is that this anti-aircraft missile cannot even touch it.

The Chinese Army was beating the line.
Some media reports said that U-2 aircraft were hovering at an altitude of 70 thousand feet in the skies of China for several hours. It captured the entire military exercise. Thereafter, it returned to its base in the Indian Ocean comfortably. The Chinese army did not even know about it. Later it was discovered through imagery because then their height was reduced considerably.

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USA and Chinese relationship is going through rough times. The main cause of this is the outbreak of Coronavirus in China. US President Trump, has time and again blamed China for not notifying the rest of the world on time about the pandemic. The US has also blamed WHO for supporting China in the whole ordeal.



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