Deadly Lightning Strikes Claim 2 Lives as Rainfall Ravages Parts of Rajasthan


Over the past 24 hours, parts of Rajasthan have experienced light to moderate rainfall, accompanied by dust storms, according to the weather department. Unfortunately, two youths lost their lives, and three others were injured in two separate cases of lightning strikes in Dholpur district on Wednesday evening.Rains lash parts of Rajasthan, lightning strike kills 2 in Bikaner |  Science-Environment

Ankush Sharma, a 20-year-old man, passed away due to lightning while sitting in a hut with his brothers near their house in Sadpur village. His brothers, Rahul, Rohit, and Mohit, who were also sitting in the hut, were injured, but their condition is not serious.

Shift in Weather: Rainfall and Dust Storms Provide Temporary Relief

In another incident, a 24-year-old man named Gajendra lost his life due to lightning in Foospura village. Gajendra had gone for defecation on Wednesday evening and took shelter in a nearby straw shed when it rained heavily. Unfortunately, due to lightning, the straw caught fire, and Gajendra was burnt to death.28 killed due to lightning as heavy rains lash Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh |  Latest News India - Hindustan Times

Moreover, the lightning strikes also burned two huts and the goods and straw kept in them. While the rain has brought some relief from the scorching heat, it has also caused destruction in the form of lightning strikes.

On the other hand, a significant part of the state experienced a marginal rise in maximum temperatures on Wednesday. According to the data from the meteorological department, the maximum temperature recorded in Sriganganagar was 43.2 degrees Celsius, while the maximum temperature in Tonk, Churu, and Kota was 43 degrees Celsius each. The maximum temperature in Dholpur was 42.3 degrees Celsius, and other major places recorded temperatures ranging from 41.8 degrees Celsius to 38.3 degrees Celsius.

However, some parts of Jaipur and Bharatpur division are likely to experience thunderstorms and rain on Thursday, according to a spokesperson from the meteorological department. The spokesperson also mentioned that the weather is expected to remain dry in most parts from May 19 to 21, with a rise in temperature by 2 to 3 degrees Celsius.

Destruction Unleashed: Huts Burned, Valuables Reduced to Ashes

According to the data of the meteorological department, Bhopal Sagar of Chittorgarh recorded 320 mm of rain in the last 24 hours, while Bassi recorded 250 mm, Kapasan recorded 170 mm, Bhilwara Tehsil recorded 100 mm, and Bhilwara recorded 96 mm. Other places that received rainfall include Kunwaria of Rajsamand, Khanpur of Jhalawar, Bhainsrorgarh in Chittorgarh, Nagaur tehsil, Khatauli in Kota, Kotdi in Bhilwara, and Bhadesar of Chittorgarh.Monsoon rains lightning death toll uttar pradesh rajasthan imd rainfall  delhi weather update | India News – India TV

In contrast, Karauli received 31.5 mm of rain, Dholpur received 3.5 mm, and Pilani of Jhunjhunu received 1.4 mm from morning till evening.

Overall, the rainfall has brought some respite from the heat, but it has also caused destruction in the form of lightning strikes. The meteorological department has predicted thunderstorms and rain in some parts of Jaipur and Bharatpur division on Thursday, but the weather is likely to remain dry in most parts from May 19 to 21, with a rise in temperature by 2 to 3 degrees Celsius.

In recent weather developments, certain regions of Rajasthan have witnessed a significant shift in climatic conditions. Over the past 24 hours, light to moderate rainfall and accompanying dust storms have made their presence felt, providing a momentary relief from the scorching heat. However, amidst this change, tragic incidents unfolded as two young lives were claimed by the devastating power of lightning strikes in Dholpur district.

The first incident occurred in Sadpur village, where Ankush Sharma, a 20-year-old, met an untimely demise due to a lightning strike. Ankush, along with his brothers, had sought refuge in a hut near their house when the calamity struck. Although Ankush lost his life in the tragic event, his brothers, Rahul, Rohit, and Mohit, sustained injuries, albeit not of a severe nature.

In yet another distressing occurrence, Gajendra, a 24-year-old resident of Foospura village, faced a similar fate. Seeking shelter from the heavy rainfall, Gajendra took cover in a nearby straw shed while he was out for defecation. Tragically, the lightning struck the shed, igniting a fire that claimed Gajendra’s life, leaving behind a scene of devastation.

Seeking Shelter: Gajendra’s Tragic End in a Straw Shed

Adding to the misfortune, the lightning strikes not only took the lives of two individuals but also razed two huts to the ground. Consumed by the raging flames, the huts and their contents, including valuable goods and stored straw, were reduced to ashes. The sheer force of nature’s fury, accompanied by rainfall, turned what should have been a moment of respite into one of sorrow and destruction.Lightning strikes Jaipur and other parts of Rajasthan, kills over 18  including seven kids | India News | Zee News

While parts of Rajasthan experienced rainfall and thunderstorms, other regions witnessed a slight increase in maximum temperatures. Notably, Sriganganagar claimed the title of the hottest place in the state on that day, with the mercury soaring to a scorching 43.2 degrees Celsius. Tonk, Churu, and Kota were not far behind, recording maximum temperatures of 43 degrees Celsius each. Dholpur experienced a sweltering 42.3 degrees Celsius, while places like Sangaria in Hanumangarh district and Sawai Madhopur endured temperatures of 42.2 degrees Celsius and 42 degrees Celsius, respectively. Overall, the majority of major locations faced temperatures ranging from 41.8 degrees Celsius to 38.3 degrees Celsius, making the already challenging weather conditions even more unbearable.

Looking ahead, the meteorological department has provided insights into the anticipated weather patterns. According to their forecasts, thunderstorms and rain are likely to persist in certain parts of the Jaipur and Bharatpur divisions on Thursday, bringing with them both hope for relief and potential concerns. However, from May 19 to 21, most regions are expected to experience dry weather, accompanied by a slight increase in temperatures by 2 to 3 degrees Celsius. While this might bring respite from the rainfall, it also poses challenges for those enduring the scorching heat.

As per the meteorological department’s data, several areas received varying amounts of rainfall within the given timeframe. Bhopal Sagar in Chittorgarh recorded a substantial 320 mm of rain, while Bassi received 250 mm, Kapasan recorded 170 mm, and Bhilwara Tehsil received 100 mm. In addition, Bhilwara itself witnessed a considerable 96 mm of rainfall. Other areas that received notable amounts of rainfall included Kunwaria in Rajsamand, Khanpur in Jhalawar, Bhainsrorgarh in Chittorgarh, Nagaur tehsil, Khatauli in Kota, Kotdi in Bhilwara, and Bhadesar in Chittorgarh.


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