Powerful Seizure: Indian Coast Guard Foils ₹20 Crore Gold Smuggling Operation from Sri Lanka


Gold: In a display of remarkable coordination and efficiency, the Indian Coast Guard and Directorate of Revenue Intelligence collaborated on a joint operation, resulting in the seizure of a substantial amount of gold worth approximately ₹20.2 crore. The operation, carried out on Thursday in the Gulf of Mannar area, saw the interception of two fishing boats carrying a total of 32.6 kilograms of illicit gold.Smuggling attempt from Sri Lanka foiled: Coast guard, DRI seize gold worth Rs 10.5 crore | India News

A video released by ANI provided a glimpse into the intricate diving operations conducted by the Indian Coast Guard personnel. In the footage, the dedicated individuals could be observed diving underwater armed with knives, determined to secure the contraband and put an end to the illicit smuggling attempt.

According to reports from the news agency ANI, the smuggled gold was being transported from Sri Lanka into India. Inspector General Manish Pathak, Deputy Director General (Operations) of the Indian Coast Guard, shed light on the operation, stating, “Acting upon specific information received from the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence, the Indian Coast Guard launched a highly effective anti-smuggling operation in the Gulf of Mannar near the maritime boundary line between India and Sri Lanka over the past three days. Through the combined efforts of the Indian Coast Guard, Directorate of Revenue Intelligence, and Customs officials, illegal consignments totaling approximately 33 kilograms of gold, with an estimated value of ₹20 crores, were successfully seized.”

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Pathak further elaborated on the operation, explaining, “Our vigilant surveillance focused on fishing boats displaying suspicious behavior at sea. Upon being pursued and challenged by our units, one of the boats was apprehended, while the other attempted to evade capture by discarding the smuggled consignment into the sea. Undeterred, our relentless diving operations continued until this morning, resulting in the successful recovery of the dumped gold from the depths of the sea. The suspects responsible for this illicit activity have been taken into custody.”DRI, Coast Guard in joint operation recover gold worth Rs 20 cr smuggled from Sri Lanka | Headlines

He emphasized the current administration’s commitment to combating illegal activities, stating, “The leadership in place is resolute in its intolerance towards any form of illicit operations. Our collective efforts will remain steadfast in curbing all anti-national activities originating from or targeting the Indian coast.”

Indian Coast Guard and Directorate of Revenue Intelligence Unite to Successfully Intercept ₹20 Crore Gold Smuggling Operation from Sri Lanka

The video shared by ANI showcased the daring diving operations, revealing the Indian Coast Guard personnel fearlessly navigating the underwater realm armed with knives, in search of the hidden contraband. Once the gold was located, the dedicated individuals skillfully employed ropes to transport the recovered consignment back to their vessel.

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The successful interception of this significant gold smuggling operation is a testament to the meticulous planning, coordination, and unwavering commitment of the Indian Coast Guard and Directorate of Revenue Intelligence. Their relentless efforts in combating illegal activities have once again proven effective, safeguarding the nation’s borders and economy.

The Indian Coast Guard and Directorate of Revenue Intelligence’s collaborative endeavor serves as a reminder that India’s security apparatus remains vigilant and dedicated to upholding the rule of law. By thwarting such smuggling attempts, they demonstrate their commitment to preserving national integrity and combating the illicit trade that threatens the economic well-being of the nation.

The seized gold will now be subjected to further investigation as authorities work diligently to uncover the network behind this smuggling operation. This successful interception sends a clear message to those involved in such unlawful activities that the Indian Coast Guard and its allied agencies will spare no effort in apprehending the perpetrators and ensuring that justice is served.Revenue officers seize gold worth over Rs 10 crore smuggled from Sri Lanka; three held | Chennai News, The Indian Express

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Joint Operation: Indian Coast Guard and Directorate of Revenue Intelligence Bust ₹20 Crore Gold Smuggling Ring from Sri Lanka

India’s coastal regions are critical to its economic prosperity, making it imperative to maintain strict surveillance and take prompt action against any illicit activities. The Indian Coast Guard’s unwavering commitment to securing the nation’s maritime borders, in collaboration with intelligence agencies, reinforces the confidence of citizens and showcases the nation’s determination to combat smuggling and preserve the rule of law.

The joint operation between the Indian Coast Guard and Directorate of Revenue Intelligence serves as a shining example of interagency cooperation and effective law enforcement. It is through such partnerships that India’s security apparatus grows stronger, ensuring the safety and prosperity of the nation and its citizens.Coast guard seizes narcotics, arms worth over Rs 3000 crore from Sri Lankan boat

In conclusion, the seizure of ₹20 crore worth of smuggled gold stands as a resounding victory for the Indian Coast Guard and Directorate of Revenue Intelligence. Their joint operation not only disrupted a significant smuggling network but also underscored the unwavering dedication of India’s security forces in safeguarding the nation’s borders and economy. This successful interception sends a strong message that illicit activities will not be tolerated, and those responsible will face the full force of the law. The collaborative efforts exhibited in this operation serve as a testament to India’s commitment to upholding national integrity and combating illegal activities that threaten its prosperity.


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