Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) Achieves ‘Record-breaking’ LSD Seizure, Dismantles ‘Dark Net’-Operated Network: Report


In a significant development, the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) and the Navy have successfully seized a staggering ₹25,000 crore worth of methamphetamine. The seizure, which occurred off the coast of Kerala, is a result of a joint operation carried out last month. The massive drug haul has been attributed to a pan-India trafficking network that used cryptocurrency and operated through the “dark web,” according to reports by news agency ANI.Narcotics Control Bureau seizes 15,000 blots in biggest ever LSD haul,  busts Dark Net ring

LSD, or lysergic acid diethylamide, was among the substances seized during the operation. This synthetic chemical-based hallucinogenic drug is classified as a hallucinogen. The NCB considers this seizure its largest ever, highlighting the magnitude of the operation’s success.

NCB and Navy Seize ₹25,000 Crore Worth of Methamphetamine in Joint Operation

The term “dark web” or “dark net” refers to hidden corners of the internet where various illegal activities take place, including the sale of drugs, firearms, and other banned items. Additionally, the dark web facilitates the exchange of prohibited content and engages in a range of criminal activities.

In response to this major achievement, the NCB has scheduled a press conference at noon to provide further details about the operation and the seizure.

The NCB’s accomplishment follows a significant operation conducted last month in collaboration with the Navy, which resulted in the confiscation of drugs worth an astonishing ₹25,000 crore. Officials informed ANI that the value of the seized drugs exceeded expectations due to their higher grade. The drugs were discovered in one-kilogram packets concealed within 134 sacks. Sanjay Kumar Singh, NCB’s Deputy Director General (Operations), stated that this seizure represented the largest in terms of monetary value. The drugs were reportedly routed through Iran’s Chabahar Port, with Pakistan identified as the source.

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Dark net-based drug cartel busted with largest LSD seizure, says NCBDuring the operation, authorities arrested Zubair Derakshshandeh, a Pakistani national. According to ANI, the accused voluntarily confessed and claimed to be working for a Pakistan-based trafficker who had promised him a substantial monetary reward for transporting the drugs.

This recent seizure follows another significant operation conducted in April by the anti-drug agency, which led to the dismantling of a multi-drug cartel in Goa. The operation, which lasted over two weeks, resulted in the arrest of three individuals, including two Russian nationals. In addition to drugs, foreign currencies, and counterfeit identification documents were seized. The haul included over 2,500 kg of methamphetamine. Cash amounting to more than ₹6.4 lakh, in both Indian and other currencies, was also discovered.

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The successful operations conducted by the NCB and its collaboration with the Navy demonstrate a commendable effort to combat drug trafficking and illicit activities. These seizures play a vital role in curbing the flow of drugs within the country and disrupting the operations of criminal networks. The NCB’s diligence and dedication to maintaining law and order contribute significantly to creating a safer society.

All India Radio News on Twitter: "Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) busts a  pan-India dark net drug trafficking cartel with the largest ever seizure of  LSD. A synthetic chemical based-drug, Lysergic acid diethylamideThese recent operations conducted by the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) and its collaborative efforts with the Navy have once again highlighted the ongoing battle against drug trafficking and illegal activities. The seizures of massive quantities of methamphetamine and LSD underscore the urgent need to address the growing menace of narcotics in the country.

The seizure of ₹25,000 crore worth of methamphetamine off the coast of Kerala has sent shockwaves through law enforcement agencies. The NCB, in conjunction with the Navy, demonstrated exceptional coordination and expertise in intercepting the drugs. The substantial value of the haul can be attributed to the high quality and purity of the drugs involved. This further emphasizes the need for stringent measures to counter such sophisticated drug operations.

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It is crucial to acknowledge the significant role played by the NCB in intercepting these illicit substances. Their unwavering commitment and relentless efforts to combat drug trafficking have resulted in numerous successful operations. By apprehending individuals involved in these illegal activities, the NCB is sending a clear message that drug peddling will not be tolerated in India.Drug cartel | Darknet-based drug cartel busted with largest LSD seizure,  says Narcotics Control Bureau - Telegraph India

During the joint operation, Zubair Derakshshandeh, a Pakistani national, was arrested. His apprehension provides valuable leads that could potentially unravel a more extensive network of drug traffickers. The NCB must diligently follow these leads to uncover the entire chain of operations and bring the perpetrators to justice. Cooperation with international law enforcement agencies is crucial in tackling cross-border drug smuggling and dismantling transnational drug networks.

The NCB’s relentless pursuit of justice extends beyond this recent seizure. In a commendable operation conducted in April, the agency successfully dismantled a multi-drug cartel in Goa. The arrests of three individuals, including two Russian nationals, exposed the international nature of these drug networks. The recovery of significant quantities of methamphetamine, along with foreign currencies and counterfeit identification documents, highlights the complexity and magnitude of the illicit drug trade.


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