Hats-Off Digital Private Limited Founder’s Day Celebration – ‘Aath Ki Baat’


Hats-Off Digital Private Limited, a rich media company, was started in the year 2011 on 12th October by three friends who wanted to make it big in the world of digital media. With no prior experience in the desired field, they took the undiscovered road and led the pathway from being a staff of three to thirty-three.

When Hats-Off begun it only started with one service – Social Media Marketing, and today Hats-Off offers many more services such as SEO, Web Designing, Content designing and development, Mobile Application, Web Support, Wikipedia, Branding and Public Relations. Mr. Husain Habib, Co-Founder and CMO, Mr. Taher Mandiwala, Co-Founder and CTO and Mr. Shabbir Hussain, Co-Founder and CCO, came together to offer 360 degree’s digital media services under one roof.

As the company marks its eight years’ celebration of being into existence, we recognize the growth and prosperity which the company has undertaken over these years. With dealing with difficult clients and matching up to meeting deadlines after making endless changes, now eight years later from where the organization began, we have mastered all the rough patches that one undergoes in an agency life.


What does it take to establish your organization? Hard work, sincerity, dedication is there, but smart work, friendly environment, co-operative attitude and networking is the new trend today. Keeping up with the times and the advancements in the digital era is the key to its success. Hats-Off Digital also has some of the best skilled employees in the industry, who are well qualified in their field of expertise and are masters in their own art form.

What is also extremely important is to make room for mistakes and learn for them, experience and failures teach you lessons which no textbooks will ever teach. Use trial and error methods, take up challenges, go the extra mile at times when required. Most importantly, ensure that the same mistake should not be repeated the next time.

When the three founders started this organization, this was a very new vertical for each of them, but they knew this will be the need of the hour in future for organizations, and moved out of their comfort zone to make this happen. Today, Hats-Off Digital Private Limited is one of the finest Digital Media Agencies in the city, and aims to make it big someday in the entire country and overseas.

Mr. Husain Habib believes that it is the core values of the company for its employees that reflects on the output of their performance and the growth of the company. Mr. Shabbir Hussain recognizes the relationships the company builds with its clients that help retain them and come back once more to the agency despite so many other options out there in the market. Mr. Taher Mandiwala builds a strong bonding within the team and teaches what teamwork is all about and one doesn’t just work for individual performance, but also for the company’s overall growth. Together they make excellent co-founders and lead the pathway to many more founder’s day celebrations for Hats-Off Digital Private Limited.

On its Eighth Founders Day, the company has come up with a social media campaign called ‘Aath Ki Baat’, where the employees as well as the co-founders have shared their experience of working with Hats-Off and its association and favourite memories and takeaways that have been attached with the organization.

The company shall reveal expansion plans soon. As of now, there are a lot of new projects in the pipeline to keep up with, and a lot to look forward to and move ahead with the times and digital age.

Website : www.hatsoffdigital.com

Facebook : www.facebook.com/hatsoffdigital

Instagram : www.instagram.com/hatsoffdigital


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