35 killed in the most devastating storm in Japan after decades, Indian Navy sends two warships


At least 35 people have been killed and 16 are missing in the severe storm ‘Hagibis’ in other parts of the country, including Japan’s capital Tokyo. A massive rescue operation was launched on Sunday to rescue those stranded due to heavy rains.

The mighty Hurricane Hagibis knocked on the Iju peninsula in the southwest from 7 pm on Saturday. Meanwhile, the Indian Navy has sent two warships to help Japan. INS Shahayadri and INS Kiltan will provide assistance in heavy rain and flood affected areas.

After the storm came, large parts of the country received heavy rainfall, causing flooding and several incidents of landslides. It has moved towards north after Hurricane destroyed Tokyo. According to the report, at least 35 people have died in this typhoon. 16 people are missing and more than 100 are injured. The number of people affected by Hagibis is increasing.

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31 thousand soldiers and one lakh rescuers are engaged overnight for the relief work and are taking the stranded people to safe places by helicopter. Yasuhiro Yamaguchi, a Nagano city emergency service officer, said that overnight we issued orders to evacuate 427 houses and evacuate 1,417 people.

He said that it is not clear how many houses have been affected. Officials warned that the risk of landslides still remains. The administration has advised more than 73 lakh people to move to a safe place. 376,000 houses went in dark after electricity failure.


At the same time, about 376,000 households are not getting electricity supply in the areas affected by the storm.

Before the arrival of the storm, there was heavy rain due to its impact. Two matches of the Rugby World Cup have also been canceled. The Japanese Grand Prix was delayed due to the storm and more than 800 flights were canceled due to heavy rains and also affected rail traffic. JMA Meteorological Officer Yasushi Kajivara told the media that cities, towns and villages have been witnessing unprecedented torrential rains, due to which warnings have been issued.

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According to the local news agency Kyodo, the Akiyama river floods in Sano in Toshigi province submerged the residential areas and rescue teams are evacuating the local people.


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