Delhi traffic police will withdraw one and a half lakh e-challans, will be surprised to know the reason


Delhi Traffic Police has decided to withdraw one and a half lakh e-challans. Most of these challans were cut from August to October 10 on National Highway 24 for speeding. However, the situation is not clear about what will happen to the penalty amount recovered.

According to media reports, an officer of the level of Joint Commissioner in Traffic Police, on the condition of anonymity, said, “Delhi Traffic Police is withdrawing one and a half lakh challans deducted between two and a half months between August and October 10. Most of these challans are Related to speed limit violations on national Highway 24 (NH) 24.

Another Delhi Traffic Police official said, “These challans were cut between Nizamuddin Bridge in NH 24 and Ghazipur on the Delhi-UP border.”

This is the whole case
Now the question arises why the Delhi Traffic Police had to withdraw these challans. Responding to this, an official said, “The reason for the withdrawal of these challans is that the PWD department had put a signboard on which the speed limit was written at 70 kmph. While the challan were given for driving above 60 KMPH. After receiving a lot of complaints, we decided to withdraw the challan. “

According to a police officer, the traffic police asked PWD to change the signboard to 60 kmph, but they refused to do so. Police said that now the high speed limit on the cameras on the highway has been reduced to 70 km per hour.

What will happen to the fine amount already collected
Now the question is, what will happen to the crores of rupees that have been recovered from the public for breaking traffic rules. Delhi Police has no answer to this.

Fear of the court
According to the top police officer, one reason for the withdrawal of these challans could also be that some drivers had decided to file a PIL in the court. Because they seemed to have made no mistake and were innocent. The official said that the traffic police would have had a strange situation if they had not argued in this matter in the court.

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