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About Acuver Consulting Private Limited

Acuver Consulting Private Limited came into existence in early 2013 with a vision to provide customer-oriented consulting, IT services and innovative products within Supply Chain Execution, a group of experienced IT professional. The company is located at Building No.46, Level, Behind HSR, BDA Complex, 1,2,3, 12th Main Rd, Sector 6, HSR Layout, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560102

Products/Services of Acuver Consulting


A supply-chain implementation should be agile, responsive, reliable and resilient. It also involves heterogeneous applications with multiple integrations. Hence, it’s important for a supply-chain operation to run smoothly we need these applications to be also responsive, reliable and resilient. OpsRoom is a product for supply chain operations which provides visibility to track key application process for real time decision making and tools to automate repetitive, manual tasks. It helps an application support to be agile and responsive to recover brilliantly from any known/unknown issues

Product Market Fit Process:

As we were continuously serving retailers, proximity helped us to understand their need and issues faced by them to improve customer experience. They needed visibility in different areas, and it was an undeserved need. This helps us to document the problem that need to be solved and define our target customer.

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Next step was to define the value proposition. We can very clearly see that as supply chain has evolved to be an integration and collaboration of partners, a seamless flow of an order and its visibility real time will allow retailers to deliver right product to the right customer at right time. And this was the value proposition of our product. 

We brainstormed, researched, worked with identified target customer to create prototype with minimum viable feature set. We then started trial with our existing customers. We welcomed feedback. Based on it we refined the prototype to incorporate their concern and experience. We continuously worked on this cycle. And product has now evolved itself to serve customer better.


What us unique about Acuver Consulting Private Limited?

With a pedigree in supply chain solution at Acuver, we differentiate ourselves by combining deep industry experience with solid technical acumen. We have established a culture that supports our team to provide exceptional services to our customer. We continuously focus on re-skill and up skill initiative, our motto is scale for every detail and we standby it.  We believe in a simple and honest approach.


Family and education background of founder co-founder of Acuver

ConsultingSunny Nandwani, Founder and Managing Partner: He is a seasoned professional, IIM Bangalore Alumni with over 15 years of experience in the domain of Supply Chain Execution.  Nandwani have essayed multiple roles across varied geographic locations i.e. US, Europe and Japan in implementing global inventory visibility, sourcing, order and warehouse management solutions for global retail clients. In the past, he has been instrumental in conceptualizing and incubating Digital Commerce Practice for multiple organizations.

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Satyajit Jena, Partner: Satyajit is an alumnus of IIT Kharagpur, and brings over 8 years of global work experience with several Fortune 500 companies spanning across multiple geographies including Europe and Asia-Pacific. He has played significant roles in Supply Chain Execution and Implementation for various clients during his tenure. During his successful association with previous organizations, he has been able to enrich himself rapidly with the best practices, technologies, delivery & leadership skills. Over the years Satyajit has developed a deep understanding of B2B & Commerce Suite of Products. At Acuver, he has been donning many hats, from technical innovation to delivery to training & enablement.

Mayank Gupta, Associate Partner: Mayank brings over a decade of experience in building Enterprise e Business, eCommerce and Supply Chain Execution suite of applications. He has played various roles in Order capture and Order Fulfillment solution implementation for world top-notch companies in India and US. At Acuver, he provides technology insights, handles sales and manages client delivery. Having worked with leading start-ups to mid-size IT consulting companies, he has mastered the art of leading and managing the teams to deliver excellent business value to the customer. He earned his bachelor’s from IIT-Delhi.


What did Nandwani had to say when our editors met him?

The service industry has always interested and inspired us. In fact, I have grown up observing the service industry as we have a family business in Delhi that has been operational since more than three decades now. We wanted to come up with a brand that addresses some of the major recurring demands of the supply chain and the logistics industry. Small creative burst lead to another and so on. With more than 15 years of experience across various geographies, and learning shared by my family we decided to start off.

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First thing we realized that it cannot be a part-time commitment. We decided to quit our jobs and started operating from home. We debated routine set of challenges in supply chain. How to bring up “Value Proposition” as a niche player in industry? Creating “Compelling Customer Experiences” “Accuracy” and “Veracity”. Over last 2 years, we have extended our executive team and on-boarded leaders with complimentary and related experience- both organic and external.

What are you plans for the next 2-3 years and where do you want to see yourself?  

Since our Inception in 2013, we have achieved several milestones and one among them is our expansion to Singapore. With our further plans to expand in the US in the near future, we envision to be the most user-friendly assistance both in terms of product and service and our transparency and collaboration will lead us to achieve the same.

Supply chain is dependent on three network pillars i.e. People, Process and Technology. All three of them play an imperative role in achieving the best outcome. We want our service/product to be one of the most user-friendly options out there. Hence, we first identify the possible pain points and then start addressing them in sequence. We start off by having a group of people with real-time information for them to take conscious decisions coupled with process which is technology-friendly.

Have you received any award?

Not as yet, but we have been nominated for the 3rd 40 under 40 BW Awards.


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