Cheap data plans and unemployment increasing popularity of Tik Tok in India


Tik Tok became a sensation, the moment it was launched. It achieved a milestone in gaining millions of users in a short span. Surprisingly, 119 million users out of the total 0.5 billion are from India.  The USA. Turkey, Pakistan, Mexico, Brazil, Saudi Arabia are some of the other countries that use Tik Tok the most after India.

Tik Tok App is a successor of a big-fat company- Bytedance which is known to secure a $75 billion valuation by the end of 2018. Tik Tok like its parent company is known to break its popularity records. Tik Tok is the world’s fastest-growing 15-second video making app.

Tik Tok by creating addictive content along with a growing ecosystem of content creators of technology surpassed Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Youtube.  

As per the reports from Sensor Data, the revue of Tik Tok has tripled last year. The user spending or in-app purchases increased by 3.75x every year reaching $3.5million worldwide.

The most shocking fact is that Tik Tok is a Chinese app and is not available in China only. It has its servers available in countries where the apps are available.

Reason for increasing popularity of Tik Tok in India

Do you know why we Indians are always ahead in using these social media platforms? Why developed countries like Australia, Japan, and many more’s names is not in the list of top social media users?

All thanks to the Modi government for creating the lowest unemployment in the last 40 years and telecom industry for offering cheap data plans which makes data easily accessible. India after becoming the most populated country has now topped the list of having maximum users. Isn’t this sound great?

 This has made India the first country to have maximum. The users after hitting the top list of most populated countries. People from urban and rural areas use Tik Tok to gain publicity which otherwise beyond their reach. People without having any work are sitting idle passing their time and gaining popularity by making short videos.

Side effects of using Tik Tok

The youth is the future of the nation. But when youth itself is busy wasting resources and time on making short videos on the social platform, what will be the future of their respective country?

The cheap data plans drag the youngsters to use mobile more and become ever ready active members on Social media. Watching short videos has become a part of lifestyle as it keeps them occupied for 30-35 minutes, which is an average time spent on the app. The addictive content created on Tik Tok and running time to time campaigns attract users like magnets.

Tik Tok Banned

Tik Tok was banned in Indonesia for its negative content but days later the ban was overturned. Tamil Nadu information technology minister M Manikandan approached the state government to ban the app. A Madras advocate and social activist also filed a case in Madras high court to ban the app as it was believed to spoil the culture, exposing the youth to sexual predators and going against the law of the country. It was banned in India in April 2019, when a boy in Chennai committed suicide in October 2018, due to getting harassed by Tik Tok users for posting his videos dressed as a female. Another case of a boy and two of his friends got hit by a truck while making video. It is running in the youth’s mind like anything.

The ban was removed when Tik Tok responded to remove 6 million videos that were against the community guidelines. On 13th April the same year, a 19 yr boy was shot dead by his friend while making a video on the platform. It gained 88.6 million new users the same day from India only.

The videos uploaded on the platform are meant only for likes and do not provide any learning content.  The youngsters have become habitual of checking the social media account again and again which has reduced their productivity hindering their concentration level. The harm is not restricted to youth. It also contains dangerous content to expose children to nudity and possibly those who seek to coerce or groom underage users into committing explicit acts. 

The awful truth is it does not pay or offer any incentives, still, the youth is crazy about this giant social platform. Our youth has become useless that they are ready to promote an outsider for free and least bothered about their own country.

Is that what our freedom fighter wanted their ‘Sohne Ki Chidiya’ to be?


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