Karyesh: Messenger of Your Stars and Planets


Majority of the people believe in destiny and think that what is written is bound to happen. This belief of people makes them run from pillar to post to find a person who can tell them what their actual potential is and what could be expected soon.

This blind-believe makes them land on many such places which under the veil fool them to make money. Although it may seem that internet and technology today have improved and simplified our lives, in actuality they have made things difficult — many fraudsters post ads about their knowledge of reading horoscopes and charts and telling people about them. Majority of us get trapped and end up getting nothing. But the issue is how to find an authentic and reliable place that can help people?

From the list of top astrologers that predict the past, present and future of the person, Karyesh is one such authentic and reliable platform that predicts people after thorough reading and analysis.


All you need to know about Karyesh

Karyesh is a messenger of your stars and planets. Its mission is to bring people the language of their leads and planet, and people realise their full potential. It will make people listen to what they are saying and helps people to know the present, future, and what they indeed are.

The team at Karyesh consists of astrologers who have decades of experience in reading horoscopes and charts of thousands of people. Astrologers at Karyesh have learned under the guidance of famous and well-known gurus who are efficient in different disciplines of predictions such as wealth & finance, career, health, children, marriage, fortune, etc.

Before predicting about any person, they combine the best of all astrological systems known to humankind.

The team at Karyesh believes every person is different and hence they thoroughly analyse all the chart by an expert astrologer from many angles. The predication is not an assumption, but their power of reading comes from knowledge, experience and intuition.

The Man behind Karyesh 

Karyesh is the brainchild of Mr Kushal Agarwal who did his graduation from Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani and post-graduation from Indian School of Business, Hyderabad.

kayeshHe was led towards astrological sciences by his mother, Mrs Anita Agarwal, an expert astrologer and Vastu consultant (also a part of Karyesh) whom he considers his inspiration.

It carries with it 10+years of experience and has received more than 50 awards. It is a team of more than ten members and an exhaustive list of 2000+ clients.

Areas where Karyesh is offering predication

It offers help to people in different areas of life that includes:

  1. Wealth & Education
  2. Relationships
  3. Health and well-being
  4. Full-astrology consultation as a premium service.

karyeshThese are just the broad category and within it are various life areas that the experts of cover and after complete study, tell about the details.

Additionally, to match with the idea of digital India, they offer services over skype, phone or WhatsApp.

For more details, visit: https://karyesh.com/

Contact information: Mobile– +91 9666618974

Email Address[email protected]


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