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All you need to know about SOULARKITECT

SOULARKITECT helps to analyze the negativity in our space. It is a scientific process that deals with the construction and architecture. They work by balancing the five elements of nature, i.e., Water, Fire, Earth, Air and Space.

Imthyaz A C is the founder of SOULARKITECT, and he specializes in Vastu, Astrology, Numerology and Soul Healing. The team at SOULARKITECT will read every individual, understand their problem and will offer simple solutions to get every individual life and business back on track. Areas that they focus on include all the issues in:

  • Sales, Branding and supplier
  • Legal, Finance and banking 
  • Profit generation
  • Personal Problems

Imthyaz A C believes that our current problems are all originating from a Past Action which we have not resolved. It is repairing our Karma by ourselves or our Ancestors. He provides Soul healing remedy to people who are facing life issues and brings back the zeal in their life.

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What makes SOULARKITECT different from other similar service providers?

The team at SOULARKITECT helps individuals who are facing real-life problems to make simple changes in the form of colours, symbols, sculptures, lights, etc. which will make a difference in their life. People who are struggling end of paying huge amount of money to people who promise to change their destiny.

SOULARKITECT remedies help to cleanse your mind and body, thereby returning the energies to their proper functional levels. Soon you will observe a quantum leap in mental agility, physical strength, energy and confidence. 

They follow a Scientific Metaphysical approach in their solutions without any inclination to any religion. They understand the root cause of the problem and suggest remedies based on the Frequency of the Person and the problem concerned.

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Unique Features of SOULARKITECT

There are five elements (fire, water, earth, air and space) and earth energy that determine the shape and quality of our life. These constitute our house or office, and if these zones are balanced, every individual will be happy in all respects. If the zones are balances, one can quickly locate the activities and colours that are not synced with the natural energies of these areas.

SOULARKITECT help every person to apply logic and scientific analysis and check how different colours, objects, shapes and activities in house or office is affecting the person’s mind, to give a particular outcome in your life. Their services include:

  1. Vastu Correction in home and office
  2. Revive projects, funds, bank issues, etc
  3. Improves Name, Fame, Love and relationships by providing name correction
  4. Fix issues at the soul level of people who are suffering from Mental Anxiety, Depression, Pains, etc.
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SOULARKITECT makes the outer and inner space of a person meet and helps them in creating their new world. It provides a mind that is free from all chaos and outside tension, and there is absolute clarity where the mind is floating.

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