Natural and Homemade Products for Hair and Skin Care by Shine Herbals


Overview of Shine Herbals

Shine Herbals was founded in 2016 January. Initially, only one hair oil was launched for multiple hair related problems, but gradually products increased as customers wanted safe products. It’s based in Karaikal in Pondicherry. It is a bootstrapped initiative and has brought a smile in 5500+ customers.

What makes Shine Herbals different from other similar products?

Shine Herbals products are uniquely designed without any preservatives and chemicals. We aim to produce purely natural products. The products promise positive results in few months applications like Regrowth on hairless areas. 

Neelima Thakur: Women Behind the Idea 

Neelima Thakur was born and brought up in Mumbai. She is married in a Tamil family and has spent 25 years in the South. She is 54 years young now, a homemaker, a mom of three grown-up children, a trainer of English communication & Personality Development. She is the founder and proprietor of Shine Herbals. 

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Her simple effort to vent depression creatively turned out to be a successful venture with social networking. Her mission is to support physically disabled women and widows, in particular, to gain decent income through my Shine Herbals. For quality service and persistence, Neelima has received two awards. One in Mumbai and second in Chennai.

Neelima, other than managing her venture, loves spending time in gardening, writing blogs and stitching.

Products at Shine Herbals

Shine Herbals mainly deals in a variety of hair oils. Neelima is manufacturing and marketing from home and offers four types of hair oils:

  1. Regrowth Oil:It consists of coconut oil, olive oil and almond oil with few more natural oils. Herbs like Aloe Vera, Henna, Curry Leaves, Hibiscus, Bhringaraj extracts are blended with the natural oils. Every 15 days Neelima prepare freshly, so the shelf life is almost 18 months. Her customers who take abroad say it’s as fresh as the first day of opening the bottle. She boils the oil for hours, and that’s why it doesn’t give stinky smell at all even after months.
  2. Hair Tonic: It’s for kids, and its nourishing combination of natural oils and herbs brings impressive results. 
  3. Daily Care Oil:it reverses and prevents greying in growing children (till 25 years)
  4. Regrowth Men: As men are exposed more to sun and pollution normal Regrowth doesn’t give good results so Regrowth Men launched with onions and garlic cloves extracts blends. Regrowth Men has brought a tremendous amount of happy Reviews.
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The way ahead

In the coming 2 -3 years Neelima plans to reach globally and help physically challenged women gain decent income through Shine Herbals. Her mission is to grow up distributors all over India and abroad. 

Call on 09698308048, and place your first order with Shine Herbals

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