Political activist alleges Pakistan for regularly violating ceasefire amid coronavirus spread


Glasgow [Scotland] — A political activist from Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK) has alleged that Pakistan has been regularly violating ceasefire at the Line of Control these days to infiltrate terrorists into Kashmir valley amid COVID-19 spread.

Amjad Ayub Mirza, a political activist and author based in Glasgow told ANI, “It is Pakistan, which is responsible for ceasefire violation. We, the people of PoK are aware of this fact that always Pakistan initiates a ceasefire violation to which India retaliates.” The activist said that like always, time too, the ceasefire violation was started by Pakistan which created problems for locals, even in the areas of Jammu that do not even come in the jurisdiction of the ceasefire line.

Divulging further on the heinous activities conducted by Pakistan, the activist said, “There can be three reasons for them to do so. Firstly due to the coronavirus outbreak, the establishment has been exposed over the mishandling of the pandemic. The country does not even have proper hospitals, any quarantine systems or ventilators. Amid all that the worst condition is in PoK, where people are not even receiving any relief packages. There are no doctors in hospitals, and even if there are, then they don’t have any PPE kits or other equipment. So, Pakistan has initiated a ceasefire violation to divert the minds of the people from the bleak situation.” The second reason is that they want to “infiltrate jihadi terrorists” Mirza stated, adding that the ceasefire violations provide these terrorists cover fire and facilitates infiltration. “And now they (Pakistan) have decided to infiltrate those terrorists who are corona patients so that they can travel Jammu and Kashmir region and spread the virus,” he said further.

Citing a third reason, Mirza added that the Pakistan army is planning to have “a massive deployment of its troops” in Gilgit-Baltistan. “There can be another reason for this massive deployment that Pakistan is planning to open a new front on the border of Kargil and Gilgit Baltistan so that Jihadis can be infiltrated from there in future,” the activist said.

He told ANI that the Pakistan army should be ashamed of itself that even at this time when the whole world is standing united to fight against the deadly contagion, the military establishment continues to commit atrocities.


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