Increase in the number of crimes in UP;


A 13-year-old Dalit girl was gang-raped in Lakhimpur Kheri, UP, and her dead body was found in a sugarcane field.

Sudiksha Bhati was on a motorcycle with her younger brother near Aurangabad in the morning when she died. The girl was a US-based Babson College student and was scheduled to return on 20 August.

The family alleges that two people riding a motorcycle were harassing Bhati and caused the accident.

August 6, 2020: A 6-year-old girl was kidnapped and raped in front of her house in Hapur . She was thrown into the bushes covered in blood. Her condition is serious at this time. The child has suffered serious injuries in her private part. She is undergoing treatment at a hospital in Meerut.

August 5, 2020:  There was an attempt to rape an 8-year old girl in Khurja in Bulandshahr district, and was strangled to death when she made a noise. Her body was also found from the sugarcane field.

CM Yogi claims : “There are minimum crimes in UP, usually in Uttar Pradesh crimes are the lowest in three years . Law and order is in better condition and will be in an even better condition in the future.

The Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh made this claim on August 5, 2020, the same day, when an eight-year-old girl was strangled to death in the western part of the state.

When the media across the country was busy in the coverage of the Bhoomipujan ceremony of Ram temple in Ayodhya, a parent was searching for his eight-year-old missing girl, about 650 km from it, but found his child’s body in a field.

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Four days before that on July 31, 2020, an eight-year-old girl was raped and strangled to death in Muzaffarnagar, UP . The body of this girl was also found dumped in the sugarcane field.

These incidents, which took place within the last 17-18 days, present a dark picture of the claim that there are ‘minimum crimes in UP’. These are the incidents which came in the news, it is possible that there are many such cases which could not reach the media reports.

Giving a vote of thanks to the Governor’s address to the Legislative Assembly in February this year, Yogi Adityanath had said, “Ramrajya should only be in this country, not socialism. Our government is committed to bring the concept of Ramrajya to the ground ”.

Are women safe in the beginning of this ‘Ramrajya’? There have been many claims on this question, but statistics are presenting the opposite picture from these claims.

Figures falsely claiming CM Yogi

The National Crime Records Bureau i.e. NCRB’s annual report in January this year says that Uttar Pradesh is at the forefront of crime against women.

There were a total of 378,277 cases against women in the country in 2018 and 59,445 cases were reported in UP alone. This means that about 15.8% of the total crimes were committed on women in the country.

Apart from this, there were 43,22 cases of total rape in the state . That is, 11 to 12 rape cases were filed every day. The special thing is that this is a report prepared on those crimes which are registered in police stations. Apart from these reports, many such cases remain, whose complaint could never be lodged in the police station. The NCRB comes under the Ministry of Home Affairs of the country.

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 CM Yogi, who has given the safety of women his preference, talks about ‘minimum crime’ in the state while giving interviews to news channels and on the other hand his government presents different figures in the assembly.

The Yogi government had said in response to the question of a Samajwadi Party MLA, Noid Hassan, that, in comparison to 2016, there has been an increase in crime against women in every segment in 2017.

What happened to the anti-Romeo squad , women’s help line number?

After taking oath as the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh in March 2017, Yogi Adityanath first announced the formation of Anti Romeo Squad.

The task of this team was that it would save school-college girls from molestation. But only after its launch a dispute arose over its functioning. Many such cases started coming up where even anti-Romeo squads started harassing boys and girls sitting together or walking together with consent.

The news came to light on 30 March 2017, where the police on anti-Romeo patrol harassed a brother and sister in Rampur and brought the police station. The brother and sister came from the village to Rampur city to get medicine. 

Other such news has come out about the anti-Romeo squad where they did not give security but increased the difficulties.

181 women helpline closed, workers did not get salary for one year

Akhilesh Yadav started an ambitious project Women Helpline 181 on March 8, 2016. It was launched in 11 districts under the pilot project.

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The responsibility of running this helpline number was given to a private company GVK Emergency Management and Research Institute for five years under the Memorandum of Understanding.

After this, there was a change of power in Uttar Pradesh in March 2017 and Yogi became the Chief Minister. According to the NCRB of 2017, Uttar Pradesh reached number one in the case of crime against women with 56011 cases. In view of this, in June 2018, the Yogi government extended the scheme to 75 districts from 11 districts.

But the state’s Women and Child Development Department withheld funds from last February. More than 350 women employees working for this helpline for 11 months have reportedly not been paid. In this helpline, telecommunicators in the headquarters of Lucknow who provided help through phone conversations, field counselors and a rescue van were placed in each district. This helpline number was discontinued in June.

On July 24, 2020, the Yogi government has linked this women helpline number to the police helpline number 112, which means that the number now used for emergency calls to the police will also be used as a women helpline. .

When the women employees said that they would go on hunger strike if they did not get the salary, then the Yogi government was asked to pay the arrears as soon as possible, although these women have not received the salary so far.

That is, despite increasing crime against women, the women’s helpline was closed.

Such incidents pose the question, are there any genuine changes in the crime rate or not?


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