Supreme Court on opening of temples: CJI said – “Government approves opening of malls, because there are economic interests; The danger of corona being counted in the matter of temples”;

  • Supreme Court approved 3 Jain temples to be opened for 2 days for Paryushan festival in Mumbai;
  • Said- “This order is not for crowded events in any other temple or Ganesh festival”;

 The Supreme Court on Friday questioned the government’s attitude on the issue of opening the temples. A bench, including  Chief Justice SA Bobde, said “the government is approving the opening of the mall because it has economic interests attached to it. They are also willing to take risks for it. But, when it comes to religion, the dangers of corona are to be considered”.

The Supreme Court has approved the opening of three Jain temples at Byculla, Chembur, and Dadar in Mumbai for 2 days during Paryushan. Also, the Jain Trust has been instructed to take care of all measures to prevent corona. The court made it clear that the order is not for any other temple or religious event, especially Ganesh Chaturthi.

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On behalf of Maharashtra in the Supreme Court, lawyer Abhishek Manu Singhvi said that petitions had come in with the demand to open all the temples, and we are objecting to this . The Chief Justice said that we can allow 3 temples to be opened for 2 days as an interim order, because on 23 the Paryushan festival is coming to an end.

The debate regarding the same;
Singhvi: If you give such permission, the doors of law will be opened for other people also. In every state, the government will find it difficult to take decisions regarding different religions. I want to ask that tomorrow someone will say that you had allowed the Jains, if you allow us also, what will happen?
Chief Justice: You are right. This will accuse the court of discriminating.
Singhvi: People’s feelings about Ganpati in Maharashtra are very sensitive.
Petitioner’s lawyer: Dushyant Dave said that there is a difference between Ganapati Puja and Paryushan festival. Paryushan festival is for worshipping in the temple. It holds great religious significance for Jains.
Chief Justice: Lord Jagannath has forgiven us. Your God will also forgive you.
Singhvi: If you give any order in this matter, then it should not be taken as an example.
Petitioner’s Lawyer: There is no lockdown today. In such a situation, if thousands of people gather in front of a temple, then no one can do anything. But, I assure the court that every temple will give an undertaking to the court that all the safety guidelines will be followed.

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This comes as a controversial decision, especially in the state of Maharashtra, where Ganesh Chaturti is considered one of the biggest festivals.


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