Will the mystery of Sushant Singh Rajput’s death be solved; or will it be lost and distorted in bureaucracy;

  • Sushant Singh Rajput – Puncture marks on the neck, broken leg, bruised knuckles, Puncture marks at the soles of the feet
  • Disha Salian – Body found a few distance from the building that she allegedly jumped from
  • Rhea Chakraborty – Distorted income, drug connections, peddling and consumption, unclear actions, and extraordinary sympathy from the Mumbai police
  • Showik Chakraborty – Drug connections, peddling, and consumption heading dubious companies without an actual education degree
  • Many names, many people, all of whom under the scanner for multiple reasons – Black Magic, unclear and mysterious actions, drugs, embezzlement of money, living beyond their means, enjoying multiple benefits through their association with Sushant Singh Rajput.

Sushant Singh Rajput‘s death and the can of worms that it has opened has taken the entire nation by storm.
It has divided people into two groups, one that is shouting and pointing at the misgivings and another that is denying all misgivings.

The irony is that the media also seems to be divided in its approach, views, reports, and support.
In the last few days, this picture has very clearly emerged.
The media houses who support Sushant Singh Rajput and believe that his death resulted from foul-play and hence reporting according to this viewpoint, and the opposing view that reports accordingly.

For the longest time, the media in this country did not enjoy the freedom and the privilege to report many stories; this has changed now.
And with this political backing and reciprocation, featuring paid stories and biased reporting has also become the norm for many.

However, with all that is currently happening and all reported in the media, there is a disconnect and lack of empathy for the person who might have suffered the most.

The questions are genuine, and the only thing that matters here is the truth of his death.

Did Sushant Singh Rajput commit suicide or was he murdered?
Whether he smoked marijuana or went to Thailand with a specific person or chartered a plane and stayed in lavish hotels are not important questions.
It is his money, and he was free to spend it the way he wished.

The real and vital question is, can a person commit suicide in a manner that gives him maximum pain? Can he break his leg, puncture his throat with multiple needles, break his knuckles and puncture his own feet with needles and then ultimately hang himself to death?

Can a person do such things to himself?

Irrespective of what he might be working on, what patents he had or hoped to have, what endorsements he wanted, and whether he wanted to continue to act in movies, all this is a moot point because ultimately, it all boils down to the question, can a person even if he is depressed, as is being said, can a person inflict such devious barbaric methods to end his life?

Was he was a psychopath?

Who was so ill that he couldn’t understand and know the difference between pain and wellbeing?
Can a person be so deranged & not in his senses that he not only takes his own life by the most torturous of methods but that his colleague and work partner, Disha Salian, also couldn’t, didn’t know the difference between flinging herself from a high building?

Was this a twosome of two highly hallucinatory individuals?
If this were the case, why not die together?
If a person is trying to gain sympathy or perhaps glory in death, wouldn’t it be easier and garner more media and interest if the two died together?

Let’s be frank and not pretend to be naïve here – the aam junta knows and has known since long that Bollywood ( the namesake of Hollywood) has always been upside down.

The junta knows, has known, what it stands for, and the truth, but we are hypocrites; we do not want to see or acknowledge the dirt, the disgusting things, and the nonsensical methods adopted.
An affair with a co-star before the release of a movie, the turf war, or the hanky panky that goes on with and amongst the most prominent names, the surgical facial lifts, the baldness hidden with international wigs, we know and understand it all.

Who are these people? Were they always like this, or has the glamour, power, and money turned them into monsters?
Hungry for fame, for money, for power, and the way to get there is through making sure that the ‘weeds’ are removed ( smoked), drugs are bought & consumed ( like toilet paper), beautifully painted faces that implore the general public to lap them up like lost puppies!

Where is consciousness? Is it under the ground waiting and waiting in the wings to sprout? The wait is hopeless.
What is incredible is that people who seem to be certified junkies have been devious and unapologetic about their habits.

It can be argued that whatever they decide to do to their body is their own choice; however, it takes a grave and dangerous form when one administers it to other people without their consent, knowledge, and intention to harm the other.

The complexity of the case can be understood by the fact that any person who is given prescription drugs formulated after significant research is also administered psychotropic drugs; it would result in that person’s absolute breakdown both physically and mentally.

One would lose touch with reality and be forced to live inside his muddled, unclear thoughts, thereby influencing and taking advantage of the person relatively easy.
It would make it easier to say that the person is going insane without actually understanding and determining the reasons behind it, who has the time and the inclination.
Precisely the reason why it is essential to know what happened with Sushant Singh Rajput?

Hiding the truth and the fact that one cannot have other people except for the birds that flock together, who share their/your secret, hide it from the most public because one is aware of the impact and the repercussions that it would have on one’s brand, and the industry one represents.

If there’s a secret and one doesn’t want people to know, one can go to any extent to cover it, hide it, or push it under the carpet.

Another critical thing to be noted here is the judiciary system.
In India, there exists a complex structure that is ruled and influenced by political affiliations, bureaucratic red tape, police manipulations, people who enjoy full privileges because of fame, money, and power.

Truth and Justice are threatened, manipulated, hidden, and worse, killed by the influencers at every step.

Hence, to get Justice and serve the truth is an uphill task that requires time, resources, grit, and determination, even at the cost of losing one’s life.

Whatever is the truth of Sushant Singh Rajput’s death, a case of murder, abetment to suicide, embezzlement of his money, drug mafia, Bollywood mafia, political mafia – it is time that this dirt is addressed.

Let the truth shine and shine so bright that it dazzles everyone in the face. We all have to die one day, and when that time comes, the truth will be in God’s grace that one feels or his wrath.

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