The Kangana Ranaut and Sanjay Raut situation escalates;


During the ongoing CBI and NCB investigations in the Sushant Singh Rajput case, Kangana made certain statements and remarks regarding Bollywood, drug mafia and much more. In one such statement she said that Mumbai feels unsafe after Sushant’s death, it feels like living in POK (Pakistan Occupied Kashmir). This statement from her did not bode well with the Shiv Sena members, especially Sanjay Raut.

In an interview, Raut made many remarks on Kangana, going as far as calling her a haramkhor. He also said, “If that girl (Kangana Ranaut) will apologise to Maharashtra, then I will think about it (of apologising). She calls Mumbai a mini Pakistan. Does she have the courage to say the same about Ahmedabad?”

He further added, “We kindly request her not to come to Mumbai. This is nothing but an insult to Mumbai Police”. He also said that, “anybody who lives and works here, and speaks ill of Mumbai, Maharashtra and Marathi people, I would say (to them too) apologise first, then I will consider apologising”.

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Raut’s comment on calling ‘Ahmedabad a mini Pakistan’ did not bode well with BJP, especially in the state of Gujarat. Gujarat BJP Spokesperson, Bharat Pandya, said that “he (Raut) should apologise to Gujarat, Ahmedabad, and Amdabadis”. BJP wants an apology from Raut for equating Ahmedabad to Pakistan and believe that Shiv Sena should stop defaming Gujarat.

During this whole ordeal, Kangana Ranaut and Sanjat Raut have exchanged a lot of words through social media and public interviews. Now Kangana has released a video, talking abouyt her side of the situation.  She said in the video, addressed to Raut, that “you are not Maharashtra”. She then went on to mention that he has no right to demand an apology from her.

She pointed out that his (Raut’s) mindset was anti-women and that he did not give such a response to Aamir Khan or Naseruddin Shah, who had both earlier mentioned about how unsafe they felt. Kangana also said that Raut has, through his derogatory remarks, empowered those men who are abusive toward women, including wife beaters, sexual harassers, and misogynists.

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She said, “Sanjay Raut ji, you said that I am a haramkhor girl. You are an elected representative and so you must know how many women each day, each hour are faced with rape, abuse, are tortured and killed and are harassed at work. And you know who is responsible for it? It’s this ideology that you have displayed in front of the society and the country. The daughters of this country will not forgive you. You have empowered all those who harass women”.

‘Your men tell me they will break my jaw, kill me. I’ll see you on 9th’, referring to her not being in Mumbai. Kangana, at the moment, is in her hometown, Himachal Pradesh. In her absence, she claims, after the entire ordeal started, someone has, without permission, raided her office, and is also reportedly hounding her neighbours.

She ended her video by saying, “Sanjay ji I am coming back on 9 September and your people are telling me that they will break my jaw, kill me. Sure, kill me because this land has been irrigated with the blood of so many who sacrificed themselves for the glory of this country. I will give my life too because even I have to pay that debt. I’ll see you on September 9. Jai Hind Jai Maharashtra”.

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Raut had said that, “We kindly request her not to come to Mumbai. This is nothing but an insult to Mumbai Police. The Home Ministry should take action over it”.

The situation has very quickly become so much more that it previously was. Kangana is now getting a huge amount of backlash for her comment, but Sanjay Raut received nearly non for his derogatory remarks towards her. Only time will tell what the outcome of this ordeal will be.

Kangana has now been provided with Y+ security, the first ever actor to get it.



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