Who will uphold the constitution when the politicians themselves don’t seem to care for rules and regulations?


Sunday’s incident in the parliament house is a clear indication, as proceedings in Rajya Sabha saw unruly and vile behavior from TMC leader and former quiz master Derek O’ Brien, as he lunged towards the deputy chairman and attempted to tear the rule book.

The commotion and despicable behavior erupted during the passage of the contentious farm bills – The Farmers Produce Trade and Commerce (promotion and Facilitation) Bill, 2020; The Farmers (Empowerment and Protection/0 Agreement on Price Assurance and Farm Services Bill, 2020.

The members from the opposition parties, namely – Derek O’ Brien, and Sen (Trinamool Congress), Satav, Hussain and Bora (Congress), Singh (Aam Aadmi Party), Kareem and Ragesh (CPM), threw papers, raised slogans, broke the mike of the chairman and attempted to tear the rule book.


Rajya Sabha Chairman M Venkaiah Naidu expressed his concerns and said he feared for the deputy chairman’s physical well–being; as the opposition mentioned above, physically threatened him, and marshals had to be called in to control the situation.

Even as disruption continued today, Monday, Rajya Sabha witnessed ruckus as the 8 suspended MPs refused to leave. Derek O’ Brien continued to protest and sloganeering and not heed to the suspension and was asked to leave the house.

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Similar scenes of unruly behavior by several MPs have been witnessed in the parliament in the past too.

However, yesterday’s incident can surely be red-flagged. All decency and etiquette were shunned, and the entire incident could have taken a horrid turn – had the marshals not been called.

If the political leaders themselves cannot show restraint and disrespect the rules and the sanctity of the house of parliament and the constitution, where is this country headed?

It is a serious concern and should not be taken lightly.

Many of these political parties and their representatives have displayed a single point agenda of staying in power. They have whitewashed their representation as elected members and portray themselves as the voice of the common man.

However, the constitution actions do not match the words; they thrive on hooliganism and have no concern for the common man they say they represent.

Any political party supporting its representatives to take law in their hand and resort to goondaism misrepresents the common people’s voice. Instigating events that make the common man take sides and fight for their political party and its members cannot be trusted. Their political games should not be supported.

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Unfortunately, in India, the common man is naïve and easily influenced. The majority of the population is still uneducated, living below the poverty line or with limited income, and are easily taken advantage of via promises made at the time of elections.

Often the votes are influenced by distributing rations, household items, etc.

The majority of vote banks for political parties are in the rural sector and are the game-changer during elections.

Instigating hatred and division on party lines and fooling people to believe that these ‘public servants‘ are working for the common man’s best interest is questionable.

It is essential to understand the difference and the thin line between the actions displayed vis vie the promises made.


The so-called ‘public servants’ and the political parties have hijacked the well-being of the Nation, and the people of this country are being taken for a ride and have been for a long time.

The country is battling on all fronts, outside and inside – The COVID – 19 pandemics is raging, and the numbers continue to increase every day, yet all rules of social distancing were flouted by the 8 ‘Public Servants’ yesterday.

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There is a threat to the country’s borders by China even as Pakistan ups its game of cross – border militants as fresh news emerges of the latest attempt at the Indian Border.

The Indian economy is in tatters as GDP falls to new lows. The Nation struggles with the highest unemployment rate; inflation is on the rise, natural disasters have further impacted people’s earning and livelihood, and the common man struggles to survive.

So, are these political parties really looking out for the country and its people? Are they concerned about the country and its economic revival? Are they worried about the mass and growing unemployment concerns?

Or are they solely focused on power, and in the race of political manipulations to stay in control, while they continue to fool the common man and the country.

It is time that these elected members and ‘public servants’ work for the betterment of the country and understand and draw a line on overtly political games just to be seen and to remain in power.


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