Triumphant Return: INS Tarini’s Inspiring Women Sailors Celebrated after Epic Goa-Rio de Janeiro Expedition

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Two remarkable women sailors, Lt Cdr Roopa A and Lt Cdr Dilna K, were joyously welcomed back to India after successfully completing a six-month-long journey from Goa to Rio de Janeiro via Cape Town. Their sailing yacht, INS Tarini, covered a remarkable distance of 17,000 nautical miles over seven months, marking a historic achievement for the Indian Navy. The triumphant return was celebrated at the INS Mandovi naval base, where Union Minister for Women and Child Development, Smriti Irani, and Goa Chief Minister, Pramod Sawant, honored their extraordinary feat.Navigating the Ocean: Student

Out of the six crew members, Lt Cdr Roopa A and Lt Cdr Dilna K were the only sailors to complete the entire expedition, while the others joined them for specific legs of the voyage. The two accomplished sailors have also been shortlisted for a solo circumnavigation of the Earth, a forthcoming mission that holds the potential to make them the first Indian women to achieve such a feat.

Reflecting on their remarkable journey, both Dilna and Roopa expressed gratitude for the life-changing experience and the challenges they encountered. The voyage presented them with various tests, including storms with strong winds and towering waves, which instead of deterring them, instilled greater confidence in their abilities. The crew faced a 60 knots storm, resulting in a tear in their sail, but they skillfully navigated through it, showcasing their resilience and determination.

Inspirational Women Sailors of INS Tarini Return Triumphant from Goa-Rio de Janeiro Expedition

Throughout the expedition, the crew explored different seas, crossed various latitudes, and gained valuable knowledge about global weather systems. Dilna and Roopa acknowledged the voyage as a unique and transformative experience, which not only enhanced their confidence but also made the sailing yacht their home for six months.

The other participants of the expedition, Capt Atool Sinha, Lt Cdr Ashutosh Sharma, Lt Aviral Keshav, Cdr Nikhil Hegde, Cdr MA Zulfikar, Cdr Divya Purohit, and Cdr AC Doke, were also present during the welcome ceremony. They were meticulously selected through a rigorous process at the Ocean Sailing Node (OSN), established under the Indian Naval Sailing Association (INSA) at INS Mandovi.Indian Navy Sailing Championship 2022 | Indian Navy700 × 525

The INSV Tarini’s remarkable voyage follows the success of the previous sailing expedition, Navika Sagar Parikrama, by six women naval officers. This latest achievement is considered a significant step toward the Indian Navy’s upcoming endeavor to send a woman on a solo circumnavigation of the globe. In the past, Captain Dilip Donde and Cdr Abhilash Tomy have already made notable contributions to Indian sailing, becoming the first Indian and Asian skippers to accomplish circumnavigations respectively.

The inspiring journey of INSV Tarini and its crew serves as a testament to the indomitable spirit, skill, and courage of women sailors in the Indian Navy, further propelling the popularity of ocean sailing within the navy and the nation as a whole.

The Navika Sagar Parikrama, a previous sailing expedition by six women naval officers, played a significant role in popularizing ocean sailing within the navy and the country. Now, the voyage of INSV Tarini marks another remarkable milestone, as it sets the stage for the Navy’s ambitious plan to send a woman on a solo circumnavigation of the globe. This endeavor aims to showcase the Navy’s commitment to gender equality and provide an opportunity for Indian women to excel in the field of sailing.

Looking ahead, Lt Cdr Roopa A and Lt Cdr Dilna K are not only relishing the success of their recent voyage but also eagerly preparing for the upcoming solo circumnavigation challenge. If they achieve this feat, they will not only make history but also inspire countless others to dream big and break barriers.

In addition to the courageous women sailors, the expedition’s success owes much to the combined efforts of the entire crew. Capt Atool Sinha, Lt Cdr Ashutosh Sharma, Lt Aviral Keshav, Cdr Nikhil Hegde, Cdr MA Zulfikar, Cdr Divya Purohit, and Cdr AC Doke all played integral roles throughout the journey. Their dedication, teamwork, and skill contributed to the safe navigation of INSV Tarini, and their presence at the welcome ceremony exemplified the unity and camaraderie among the crew.

Breaking Barriers, Conquering Oceans: The Extraordinary Voyage of INS Tarini’s Inspiring Women Sailors

The Indian Navy’s commitment to fostering a culture of excellence and inclusivity is evident in its rigorous selection process for such expeditions. The Ocean Sailing Node (OSN), established under the Indian Naval Sailing Association (INSA), ensures that only the most capable and dedicated sailors are chosen for these challenging missions. The selection process involves comprehensive training, testing both physical and mental capabilities, and evaluating the sailors’ determination and adaptability to face the unpredictable nature of the seas.

The achievements of Lt Cdr Roopa A and Lt Cdr Dilna K, as well as the entire crew of INSV Tarini, serve as an inspiration to aspiring sailors, particularly women, across the country. Their exceptional journey demonstrates that with the right training, perseverance, and support, anyone can overcome formidable challenges and achieve their dreams. By breaking stereotypes and pushing boundaries, these sailors are not only expanding the horizons of Indian sailing but also empowering a new generation to pursue their passions fearlessly.INSV Tarini To Return To Indian Shores After 17000nm Voyage - Oneindia News

The Indian Navy‘s focus on sailing expeditions and circumnavigations is not limited to promoting gender equality or setting records. These endeavors also play a crucial role in enhancing the nation’s maritime capabilities, strengthening international relations, and fostering a sense of adventure and exploration among naval personnel. The experiences gained during these voyages contribute to the sailors’ professional growth, enabling them to tackle future challenges with confidence and resilience.Indian Navy launches Offshore Sailing Regatta

In conclusion, the triumphant return of Lt Cdr Roopa A and Lt Cdr Dilna K from their Goa-Rio de Janeiro expedition marks a significant milestone in the history of the Indian Navy. Their incredible journey aboard INSV Tarini, spanning 17,000 nautical miles, showcases their courage, skill, and determination. As they prepare for the upcoming solo circumnavigation challenge, they stand as powerful symbols of inspiration and empowerment. Their achievements not only break barriers but also reinforce the Navy’s commitment to promoting gender equality and excellence in sailing. Through their remarkable journey, Lt Cdr Roopa A, Lt Cdr Dilna K, and the entire crew of INSV Tarini have left an indelible mark on Indian sailing and have paved the way for future generations to dream big and achieve greatness on the high seas.


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