In sky: We are looking at our past not future


Let us consider some questions to signify the title.

What do we see at night in the sky?

What are most satisfying things in the sky?

Which is the first nursery rhyme we taught our children?

Answers can be vary but most of the answers be like moon, stars, twinkle twinkle little stars etc.


Stars are the most beautiful things in the sky. Basically stars are very large balls of bright glowing hot matter in space, made up of very hot gases mostly of helium and hydrogen. When we talk about stars, we feel fascinating about like how we are able to see them and how their light is brightening our sky etc.


Stars shine because of the nuclear reactions that occur deep inside them.  Light travels in a wave in straight line and the distance covered by light in a year known as light year, i.e. 9.4607*1012 km or 9,460,730,472,580.8 km. this is according to astronomical calculation.


The nearest star to the Earth is Proxima Centuri about 4.24 light years (4.0113497*1013 km) away. It means the light of this star travels 4.0113497*1013 km to become visible to us. It is 4.853 billion years old star. In this way we can say that the light which we look night in the form of stars, it started its journey around billions years ago. Then, it is visible to us. If a light wave start travelling today from the space, it will take billions of years to reach the earth, we can also say this that our today will be visible after many years. 

We all think while looking at stars that these are our future, these motivates us, we feel very enthusiastic after looking at them, but actually these stars are our past which makes us energetic and desirable  to have a beautiful future. These stars are the representation of our past. The fact is we are made of these stars.


  • 1 group of stars which makes imaginary figure is known as constellation.
  • The largest constellation by area is hydra and smallest is Cruz
  • The study of stars, planets and space is known as astronomy.
  • The sun is also a star and sunlight take approximately 8 minutes 20 seconds to reach on the surface of earth.
  • Moon is not a star, it is the natural satellite of earth.


  • We always see the one side of the moon.
  • 47 years ago, human took its first step on the  moon and the boot print is still there because there is no atmosphere on the moon.
  • Our solar system located in an outward spiral arm of the Milky Way galaxy.
  • Only 4 percent of universe can be seen by the astronauts, rest 96 percent is still a mystery.


  • Stars, planets and other objects make 5 percent of the universe and the rest 95 percent is made up of invisible dark energy which is again mystery.

Venus is the only planet in our solar system that move backwards.


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