Daughter lost her life due to illegal hoarding, father demanded damages of one crore


Ravi, the father of 23-year-old Subhashree, who lost her life after the illicit hoarding of the AIADMK in Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu, moved the Madras High Court to bring justice to the daughter. In his petition, he has demanded that the entire case be investigated by the SIT Special Investigation Team. He has also demanded a compensation of one crore rupees.

On September 12 last month, an illegal hoarding by the ruling AIADMK leader in Tamil Nadu killed Subashree, a 23-year-old software engineer in Chennai. While returning home on Scooty, the girl fell on the road due to a falling hoarding and was trampled by a tanker coming from behind.


The petition of Subhashree’s father states, “The petitioner has stated the first cause of the accident and death of his daughter is negligence of government officials.” The removal of illegal hoardings from the road on the day of the accident was not done due to the lapses of government agencies.

Did not get a reply from the government

K. Ravi has also alleged that no response has been received so far on his request from the Tamil Nadu government. He says that he has also appealed to enact a special act to determine the maximum punishment against illegal hoarding. But so far no response has been received from the state government.

The court reprimanded it

After the accident, the Madras High Court, taking automatic cognizance, reprimanded the state government. The court had even spoken of the loss of trust from the government. After this, the state government had appealed to political parties not to place hoardings.


Hoarding was installed for the wedding program

The illegal hoarding that fell on the software engineer girl was planted by a AIADMK leader for the family’s marriage program. The bench had asked the state government whether marriages could not take place without the board of flex?

The arrest was made two weeks after the incident
AIADMK party official C. Jayagopal was arrested on September 27, two weeks after the incident. Two clauses were imposed against him, including imposing illegal hoardings without permission.


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