After drones, flashing red lights on Pakistan border blows people, public in panic


After seeing the drone in the area adjoining the Pakistan border of Punjab, now a new incident has caused panic. The sight of drones in three villages of Ferozepur district has created a stir for the past several days. After this, late on Wednesday, people saw bright flashing red lights towards Pakistan near the border. This caused people’s senses to blow and created a panic situation. After this, the police was informed. The police also could not find out anything about it properly. After this people spent the whole night in panic and fear. Investigation is being done in this matter.


The flashing red lights along with the drones in the border villages caused panic on Wednesday night. According to people in the border village of Hazara Singh, Chandiwala and Tendiwala, bright flashing red colored lights were seen in the Pakistani area around 8.30 pm on Wednesday night. In this, people were troubled by the sight of drones & got frightened.

People informed the police about this. Police officers rushed to the spot and started investigating. SP (Headquarters) Gurmeet Singh Cheema in Ferozepur case, SP (D) Ajayraj Singh are constantly taking updates in the matter of drone sighting and BSF officials are also taking the whole matter seriously.

Sensation of news of drones appearing in border villages for the third time in a row.


After seeing the lights, the villagers stayed up all night and kept looking at the lights seen from Pakistan. The villagers say that at night, some of these moving lights enter the border of India and return after circling the sky.

Case of drone sighting since Monday

In the border villages, the people of the village have not been able to sleep peacefully for the last three days. The drone sighting started from Monday night, which has continued till Wednesday night. On Monday, when the drone sighting was reported, the BSF conducted a joint search operation with the police in the village Hazara Singh Wala, Tendiwala and Gatti Rajoko at night. In the morning, more than 100 jawans had combed the fields with corner testing instruments, but nothing recovered.


After the sensation of drone in the village throughout the day on Monday, the drone was seen again on Tuesday at half past ten. The villagers were claiming to have seen these drones coming for three to four kilometers in the Indian border from Pakistan. Now on Wednesday night, seeing the light in the limits of Pakistan has become a sensation. The BSF officers have kept constant coordination with the Punjab Police’s high officials sitting in Ferozepur. Based on these claims of the villagers, the BSF and the police are running a joint search operation.


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