Susania: A Company Highly Proficient with Blockchain Technologies


All about Susania

Susania (OPC) Private limited is a blockchain consultancy company with over 5 years of experience. The company is highly proficient with blockchain technologies and they have a bunch of qualified experts who are able to give their customers the best route to take in their chase for blockchain investments. The company consist of professionals in digital assets creation i.e. creating websites, domain registration and hosting services along with digital marketing i.e. SEO, Content creation and Social media marketing.

It is located in Garage # 36, Ganjawala Apts, SVP Road, Borivali (W), Mumbai 400092. You can reach out to them using the following details:

  • Phone no: +91 9819712247
  • Email address: [email protected]
  • Website:

Their Product is (Peer to Peer trading Platform) and Services: (Platform to buy domains and host websites), Akham Digital Identity Solutions. (Website Development, Social Media Marketing & SEO)


How are they different from other similar startups ?

The USP is Multiple crypto currency available to trade among peer to peer instead of single currency. It is pertinent to note that the business is bootstrapped. They will help you in:

  • Planning
  • Design and develop
  • Innovation and
  • Support

Unique feature of Susania (OPC) Private limited are:

  • maintaining a good relationship with the client, they have a set of rules and regulation that has to be compulsorily followed to avoid any damage to the customers,
  • approach of working is what make to similar company different and Susania follows different approach for different issues,
  • ability and believe that they can do the work I what made them grown in these 5 years and before confirmation of taking up any task,
  • they run an assessment test in the task in question to ensure it can be done with set out quality. On getting a good feedback they simply inform clients of the assessment and get started in the task immediately.

susaniaOwner’s Background

With over five years of experience, Devesh is a seasoned operations manager, producing digital brands, unmatched in dexterity. With major emphasis laid on improving the overall efficacy and productivity of clients. Bubbling with great enthusiasm, rich experience and solid expertise are his skills to sets in vendor management and resource management.

Everyone loves winning and for that has to work towards meeting targets and quitting is never a choice. And Devesh’s Mantra is “I love winning but don’t care who gets the credit, let`s just win.”

Unable to fully summarize leadership qualities, they speak for themselves. With an environment full of confidence, operational affairs cannot have been in better hands. With an analytical mind sharper than the eyes of an eagle, he always plan to prevent forecasted problems and find workable solutions along the way.


Some of the key aspects that fortify his expertise consists of first-hand experience in:

  • Chalking out development plans.
  • Efficient need identification and resource allocation.
  • Dynamic team integration.
  • Attention to variables in implementation phase and accommodating those without compromise on quality and timeline.
  • Quality assessment.

His Specialties are Operations Management, Financial accounting, Client co-ordination, Business Development, Auditing, Accounting, Financial Reporting, Business Analysis.

Future endeavours

The business aims that 2-3 years down the line they see ourselves to be one of the players providing services into Crypto and blockchain consulting.


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