Trends in Hospitality Furniture


Furniture is a ubiquitous entity. From houses to offices, from restaurants to museums, furniture is omnipresent. Considered to be a product design or a decorative piece of art, furniture is absolutely indispensable. In this era of social media and the resultant extensive outreach, the design of hospitality projects has transcended to a highly interactive and experiential form. One of the most overlooked yet undeniably crucial aspect of this typology of design is the furniture that has been installed for patrons.

The design and creativity that goes into making a piece of bespoke luxury furniture may be out of practical necessity or purely out of a desire to produce a truly stunning and unique article. The design process is based on the specificity of space. For instance furnishing a restaurant bay window that requires a piece f banquette seating of very specific dimensions, the process is smooth and relatively hassle free for a designer or manufacturer as the concept and thematic appeal is already
established by the architects and designers. On the retrospect, designing for a larger and generic audience is a very complex process as the products need to have an individual recon factor so that they can be used in several different contexts.

As history always repeats itself, furniture design has also seen a revival of the classical styles of royal furniture and has effectively picked up elements from it. The constant trend has thus become a mix of traditional and contemporary, also called a transitional style. During the product design and manufacturing process of hospitality furniture, there are a number of elements that should be taken into consideration.

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The first major aspect is the individuality of the piece. Stunning bespoke pieces can act as focal points for many hotel rooms or restaurants and increase the intrigue amongst guests with their unique and out of the ordinary design. Creating bespoke hotel furniture solutions results in an interior that has its individual recall value and visual impact. By choosing the most appropriate elements such as the dimensions and shape, fabric selection and stain choice, bespoke furniture can be taken to a whole new level.

Another critical factor that requires a bulk of the contemplation is the practicality of the product. When it comes to bespoke hotel furniture design, it is very important to remember that the piece should not only be stunning to the eye, but also robust, functional, and in many cases, adapted to fit within the available space. The number of guests and the footfall to the establishment should be skilfully evaluated along with the interaction of the furniture. The products
also need to be viable for storage and transportation for it to be practical.

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The third and most important factor is the quality of materials that are used. Bespoke hotel furniture, although designed from scratch, still needs to meet all the stringent standards for contract furniture. Since, trends change every season with introduction of new materials and styles, these potent factors are of utmost importance in formulation of a good design.

Maison Du Luxe, a bespoke luxury furniture brand which also provides turnkey design and décor solutions, is an exemplar of brands that produce quality designs and ensure maximum comfort and remain in a constant pursuit of perfection.

Since its inception in 1983, Maison Du Luxe has grown to have an illustrious footprint pan India with their passionate & dedicated work and marvellous creations in the field of bespoke furniture and interior design solutions. The Company proudly offers one of the most magnificent luxury furniture and furniture solutions in a wide variety of materials that not only accentuates the space and its beauty but also add a glamorous touch and regal appeal to it. The ideals that have guided this remarkable journey has always been an emphasis on quality of material over the quantity of products manufactured. At Maison Du Luxe, the aspect of functionality is always the priority while creating a chic and elegant look. The company has adapted brilliantly to the phenomenon of mass production & rapid deliverance that came with the numerous technological advancements in the world and made a niche for itself under the precious guidance of the directors and skilled craftsmen that are affiliated with them.

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At the centre of this brilliantly guided organisation is the lead product designer and director of the company, Mr. Gobind Kapur. Through his individual expertise in design and remarkable business vision, Mr. Kapur has contributed towards the company’s robust image in the design industry. Gobind combines his sharp logical ability with cheerful nature to create rich and regal habitats that embody the royal aesthetic. Apart from creating avant-garde design strategies that redefine the façade of modern community life, Gobind has been an ardent attendee and exhibitor at several international level design exhibitions like Salone del Mobile and has been instrumental in producing high quality designs in posh residences all over India.

The company is currently marching ahead with a vibrant team where each pursuing a distinctive value and in terms of bringing the finest quality products, providing best services and making the work culture conducive.


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