Dharmendra Pradhan launches SERVICE: employee volunteerism scheme of SAIL


SERVICE is an employer supported volunteerism scheme for SAIL employees through which they shall be encouraged to devote time voluntarily for social causes and Voluntary Philanthropic Activities (VPAs). The focus areas shall include Education, Health, Women Empowerment, Nutrition for the Girl Child, etc.

This scheme targets at harnessing human wealth to achieve social good. This will also contribute towards improving the Triple Bottom Line (TBL) of SAIL, by contributing to social welfare. The TBL is an accounting framework with three parts; social, environmental (ecological) and financial. 


The portal launched on January 22, 2020, will provide a platform for SAIL employees to register themselves, choose their interest areas, propose CSR projects and submit details of activities undertaken. It will also act as a repository of all social initiatives undertaken by SAIL employees and facilitate communication between all stakeholders.

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On the occasion, the Pradhan said, “This year marks 70 years of our Constitution coming into effect. The Honorable President of India, Ramnath Kovindji has said that while being alert about their rights, citizens should also be conscious of their duties. Through SERVICE, employees of SAIL will come forward to perform their social duties voluntarily and  contribute towards social welfare and nation building.”


Pradhan called for mass scale mobilisation of employees towards achieving social good through voluntary activities, based on their interest areas. He also called for incentivising initiatives taken by employees aimed towards social welfare.

Thanking Minister for launching the SERVICE scheme, Anil Kumar Chaudhary, Chairman, SAI.L, added, “Apart from introducing SERVICE scheme, the company has also brought in several unique measures for better employee engagement in recent times.

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It includes introduction of SAIL Corporate Excellence Award Scheme.

These will come into effect from 24th January, which is the SAIL Foundation Day. These will boost the employee morale and performance not only inside the company but also towards the society at large.”


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