Stress Point Health- Platform for good Mental Health


What is Stress Point Health?

Stress Point Health is a new digital platform aimed at providing solutions to achieve good mental health. Their first app – SPHERE – offers a unique digital therapy to combat stress, anxiety and PTSD, straight from your smartphone.  The app is aimed at anyone over the age of 18 who suffers from any form of stress, anxiety or PTSD. This application was first launched in UK, however; the target audience of this applications are people based in India, USA and Europe. 

If you are a person who is 18 years above and is facing any kind of mental stress or anxiety, then you will be able to take professionals mental assistance from the application called SPHERE. 

The main aim behind creating such an application is to make this form of treatment available for the first time digitally.  Our readers should note that this all-new application is nothing similar to other mindfulness or meditation application, but something totally unique. 

Sheena- CEO and Founder of Stress Point Health

Sheena is the CEO and Founder of Stress Point Health, a health-tech startup and is passionate about ensuring mental health treatment is a right accessible to all and not a privilege.  Following her first hand experiences with PTSD, Sheena has a unique personal insight into how high the barriers to receiving treatment for mental health issues and the challenges faced by overburdened healthcare systems
Sheena is a serial entrepreneur who has spent her career fundraising and investing in the Technology, Media and Telecom sector, after building her foundations in the financial sector.  Sheena founded Flick the Switch, an entertainment finance company with offices in London, LA and Mumbai, and after ten years at the helm she subsequently sold the company to New York based group.  With her entrepreneurial nature and eye for expanding into strategic markets, she invested in TIS Ventures in Dubai, a seed and venture capital boutique. TIS worked with a wide range of entrepreneurs and businesses with value especially those that need a balance of financial and management support. The Company has a Portfolio of over 10 companies seeded by TIS in various stages of growth and development and Sheena serves on the board of a number of those companies.  Sheena is a member of the British Association of Women Entrepreneurs.

When Sheena was asked about her plans for up coming 2-3 years, she responded;“We hope to make a significant impact on the lives of those suffering from mental health issues.  We plan to not only grow the commercial side of our business but also the charitable – working with NGOs and charities around the world to get people the help they need.  I would like to see myself increasing awareness around mental health issues and crushing the stigma associated with it, especially in the Indian community.”

If our readers wish to know more information about the application by Stress point Health, Please visit their website, for more details. 


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