19 Indonesian Universities sign MoU with SRM


The Memorandum of Understanding signed by these universities will facilitate movement of students between two institutes; movement of faculty, scholars and staff between two institutes; development of joint curriculum, including dual degree programmes; research collaboration in the fields with mutual interest between research staff, departments, and schools of both institutes; exchange and sharing of teaching and academic materials, publications, reference, and other pertinent information.

Speaking at the event, Vice Chancellor of SRMIST, Dr. Sandeep Sancheti said, “Our USP is ‘Semester Abroad Programe’, which will facilitate students to study abroad as part of their curriculum. Apart from that we are also promoting virtual labs, distance education, and online education mode. These aspects will make the MoU more valuable and interesting. We can also look into jointly publishing research papers.”

Registrar of SRMIST, Dr. N. Sethuraman said, “We have a separate research institute, and SRMIST will be able to offer help in different forms.”

The delegation also visited the various facilities, infrastructure, and lab in SRMIST to know about the facilities provided to students here.


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