Here’s all you need to know about claiming health insurance in case you test positive for coronavirus


The coronavirus outbreak has created panic among people about the coverage under the health insurance if tested positive. Dont worry. There’s no need to fret as experts say that the existing insurance policies that we have covers all such cases unless it is specifically excluded by the authorities.

As of now 125 people have tested positive to the deadly virus in India with Maharashtra reporting most number of cases. Moreover, three people in India have succumbed to the virus.

Here’s all you need to know about the health insurance coverage if you or you family tests positive for coronavirus;

Well, as we know coronavirus is a respiratory disease and all health insurance policies cover each kind of respiratory dieseases, meaning, coronavirus will lso be covered under these policies. A patient can claim the health insurance provided they did not have the virus at the time of purchasing the policy.

Moreover, you can choose to go for cashless claim or reimburse it later as mentioned in the policy terms. Experts say that a policyholder can choose to get admitted in a network hospital and take treatment by informing the third party administrator in the hospital. In this case, a policyholder need not pay any incurred expenses for the treatment.

However, in case you opt for reimbursement of the expenses, the policyholder can take treatment at any hospital upon informing the insurer and pay the incurred bills. These bills will be later reimbursed up to the sum insured only after it is verified by the insurer.

In case of life insurance, as long as the policyholder discloses all the details while purchasing the policy, the benefit can be claimed even if the person has died due to coronavirus. The policyholder, will however, have to satisfy the terms and conditions in case of add-on benefits claim.

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